Who will benefit from financial planning

Financial plan upon retirement

This is how the financial plan works when you retire

The financial plan for your retirement is a detailed consideration for planning and financing your retirement. In a free initial consultation, we analyze your needs and goals as well as your current life situation. Our specialists then plan your retirement financially. We work out several scenarios for you and look at your retirement from different perspectives. You will receive a tailor-made report with specific recommendations and suggestions for optimization.

Who will benefit from the financial plan?

Our advice is aimed at those aged 45 and over who want to achieve their goals on the basis of holistic planning.

Which questions are answered?

  • Can I keep my usual standard of living?
  • How should I structure my assets over the long term?
  • What should my purchase and withdrawal strategy for retirement assets look like?
  • Which is more advantageous: partial retirement or a reduction in workload?
  • What do I have to consider in the event of postponed retirement?
  • What should be considered when it comes to corporate succession?

Our fee, your investment

After the free initial consultation, we will prepare an offer for you. The hourly rate of our experts is CHF 250, plus VAT.