What do citizens call illegal children?

US immigration policyChildren forcibly separated from their parents

The story of Esteban Pastor, which the Houston Chronicle described in a report, is now in the media: Esteban Pastor from Guatemala tried to cross the border to New Mexico with his 18-month-old son - without papers and therefore illegally. What then happened was the nightmare that, according to research by the New York Times, over 600 adults and more than 650 children had to experience since the introduction of the so-called zero tolerance policy by Donald Trump at the beginning of May - and the number is increasing every day:

Esteban was picked up by the US border police and immediately detained. His child, one and a half years old, was taken away from him. He was told it would be taken to one of the Ministry of Health's accommodations. Esteban was later deported - without knowing where his child had gone. Only with the help of diplomats did he manage to find his son and bring him back home.

Trump's predecessors went more humane ways

This practice of detaining illegal immigrants, separating them from their children, and placing the children in one of the many camps is governing law in the United States. Only: Trump's predecessors did not adhere to it and went more humane ways. The 45th President is different. At the beginning of May, he called on the US authorities to take tough action with immediate effect. At the beginning of May, Trump had his attorney general, Jeff Sessions, announce the new zero tolerance policy against the backdrop of a border fence.

"If you smuggle your child across the border, they will be prosecuted. And your child will be separated from you as the law provides," said Jeff Sessions, adding, "It's not our fault if others illegally cross the border Limit come. "

According to the latest information, the number of children housed in one of the many camps has risen by 21 percent since the beginning of May - 10,773 children are now in these accommodations. Most of them came across the border into the United States as so-called "unaccompanied minors". Now more and more children are added who have been taken away from their imprisoned parents. Because that is also part of the new zero tolerance policy: Anyone who immigrates illegally is considered a criminal and is imprisoned. Without his children. Because the accommodations are already 95 percent full, consideration is already being given to barracking the children in military bases.

Even die-hard people are calling for the laws to be abolished

Civil rights groups call Trump's policy of deterrence an "inhuman practice" reminiscent of totalitarian regimes. Even die-hard Republicans from the far right of the party spectrum like Mark Meadows are calling for the relevant laws to be abolished - for this there would be a bipartisan consensus, he told the television station CBS.

Donald Trump, on the other hand, goes on the offensive: Via Twitter, he not only pushed the loopholes in immigration policy into the shoes of the Democrats, as he wrote. In a roundtable discussion on immigration policy, he also accused the Democrats of being responsible for the relevant legislation. Meanwhile, the Ministry of Health and Homeland Security Minister Kirstjen Nielsen came under pressure - they couldn't tell Congress about the whereabouts of 1,475 children placed in foster care. Be it from a lack of responsibility towards wards or from bureaucratic sloppiness in the search for the affected children: The Democratic Senator Heidi Heitkamp from North Dakota accused the government representatives of being the worst foster parents in the world, as she said.

For Ana Navarro, a Republican and popular fellow CNN panelist, the inhumane practice of zero tolerance policies at the expense of parents and their children is not only a humanitarian scandal, as she says, but also a political one. The president tries to make political capital with his supporters from his tough immigration policy.