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WWE Wrestling in New York Tickets

Book your WWE Wrestling New York tickets in advance of your departure. WWE is the world's largest professional wrestling company. The WWE wrestling shows take place regularly in New York. The competitions are held at Madison Square Garden in Manhattan, the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, and sometimes the Prudential Center in New Jersey. WWE organizes numerous events, such as NXT Live, Summerslam and Raw, which also take place in New York. Are you already in the mood for that authentic wrestling feeling?

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Live in a WWE fight

It's probably not an obvious choice, but it really is a lot of fun to watch a WWE fight live at Madison Square Garden in New York. The tickets are often quite cheap and it is a real spectacle for the whole family. You not only see men among the audience, as you might assume, but also women and children who are enthusiastic about the excitement. The WWE fights, with their great entertainment value, are definitely part of American culture. It's almost like a gladiatorial fight, with the audience passionately cheering on the players, even more than in other sports. The WWE fights in New York are absolutely worth seeing.

Eric's tip: I wasn't really into WWE and wrestling in general, but wanted to test it out for the website. I was pleasantly surprised and had a fantastic time. It really is an American happening with almost no tourists. The fight is a fun show and the vibe exceeded my expectations. I will definitely go back to the WWE!

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Are you a wrestling fan and would you like to see the WWE Superstars live? Then book your tickets for WWE Wrestling by simply selecting the wrestling match you want from the calendar below. Check the New York Sports Calendar for other sports. Pay for your tickets with credit card or PayPal. You will mostly see mobile e-tickets that you show on your smartphone during the match. These mobile tickets cannot be printed out. However, if you have e-tickets in PDF format, then it is no problem to print them out on paper. There are also paper tickets to choose from, which will be mailed to your home address.

It is recommended to order e-tickets or mobile tickets. This is the fastest option and you don't have to pay any shipping costs. Use the filters in your search to select only these tickets. You are guaranteed to get real tickets that are definitely there at the right time.

COVID-19 regulations

Limited number of tickets available. Safety distance and face masks required. Mandatory negative PCR or COVID-19 rapid test, or proof of full COVID-19 vaccination.

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Alternatively, if tickets are no longer available for the WWE Wrestling Shows, you can watch one of the boxing matches in New York.