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Berlin in the 1920s. Artist Simon Schwartz brings the memory of the internationally prominent story of the alleged Russian Tsar's daughter Anastasia back to life in the comic "IKON". A legend that was only resolved 10 years after the death of the impostor Anna Anderson thanks to modern analysis methods (see the links below).
The distinctive, well-known style of drawing corresponds to this "lived surrealism" and the audacity surrounding the person with the legendary identity.
A readable film about the legend.

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In addition to the modern ways of spreading fake news, false but seemingly truthful news about alleged incidents, the Western allied reporting brotherhood on the theatrical poisoning in Great Britain in March 2018, in the year of the Russian presidential election and a football World Cup in same country.
How must a fake news orchestra be set up in order to influence millions of people interested in news in a harmful and war-promoting manner? That all of this should create images of a country / government in the minds of the people, comic artists will certainly research and draw later.

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IKON - comic artist Simon Schwartz on the trail of the Tsar's daughter Anastasia

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