Why am I still waiting

Translation of "... warte noch" in English

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I mean you can tell him, but... still waiting, Roger that?
I mean, you can tell him, but just... wait, you know?
So wait... still waiting a little.

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We are ready... waiting just still on the last instructions.
We are ready - just waiting for the final instructions.
Marlene... Wait just still a little longer ...
Well i guess i do... wait easy still for an inspiration.
But... waiting you still, I have to explain to you why I had to sit here ... for a while.
Wait a second I want to explain the motives ... why I have to stay sitting here.
Plans for the future are: There is no polarographicstill... I still waiting always to a response from sponsors!
You are all so connected... but you wait never so alone.
You're all so connected... but you've never been so alone.
Of course we would... still waiting, because of decency.
Of course, we'd need to wait, for propriety's sake.
I Agree... we waiting just still to Sara and the two love birds.
Wait... I get still something much better.
Alice, the white rabbit and their friends got lost in the maze... waiting you still? Join this ailing company and help them find a way home!
Alice, the White Rabbit and their friends got lost inside the maze... you waiting for? Join this ramshackle company and help her find a way home!
It's been six days and we waiting always still waitingfor someone to come.
Jack: Six days have passed... and we waiting always still.
At least six, maybe even ten days... we will still waiting have to.
It want be at least six days, maybe even ten ...
And, Lynette, you and Tom made a great salad... and wait a still great team.
And, Lynette, you and Tom make a great salad, and an even better team.
And it can be learned relatively quickly... On what waiting you still? - ¡Vamos!
And yet the work is progressing. The scriptorium and the chapter are finished and the future sick department has served as a guest wing since mid-July. Some finishing work - facade details, the kitchen equipment... - have to still waiting.
However, the works are going ahead. Thesciptorium and thechapter are finished and the future infirmary is used as the guesthouse since mid-July. Some finish work - details of the façade, arrangements in the kitchen... are still waiting.
less positive reviews about delivery times? I was lucky: I ordered coffee for Nespresso and came EXPRESS. two days waiting... was still warm!
less positive reviews on the delivery times? I was lucky: I ordered coffee for Nespresso and arrived EXPRESS. two days of waiting ... What quiet warm!
We do everything we can to offer you great accommodations, first class food and excellent service... on what waiting So you still? Enjoy your stay!
We go out of our way to provide superior accommodation, excellent food and outstanding service... so what are you waiting for?
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