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Infosys Validation Solutions

Infosys Validation Solutions

Against the background of the corona crisis, digitization has become a must. The pandemic has profoundly changed customer expectations of how they interact with businesses, and it will continue to do so. Today's customers demand to be able to purchase services or products from any device anywhere, anytime, and to be offered the best possible experience.

Infosys Validation Solutions supports companies through digital assurance based on engineering-based quality assurance (QA). Given the changing QA requirements of companies, we help our customers to become more resilient by increasing their agility and making their company future-proof. At the same time, we ensure high speed and efficiency in the digital world.

With a maximum focus on the needs of our customers, we offer the following testing services:

  • Ensuring business continuity and resilience in changing framework conditions
  • Strengthening corporate cybersecurity by identifying vulnerabilities, prioritizing, tracking and eliminating security gaps
  • Enhancing the customer experience and promoting digital transformation
  • Accelerating the renewal of existing solutions to help businesses stay relevant

Our QA transformation approach is based on a unique strategy for accelerated validation of our customers' core ecosystems.