How many Greek loan words are there in Turkish

How many words does the Greek language have?

Original question:

Αλλά έχω μια ερώτηση, ψάχνω εδώ κ πολύ καιρό να βρω πόσες λέξεις έχει η γλώσσα μας .. Ξέρω η αγγλικη έχει 600,000 χιλιάδες η γερμανική γύρο στα 300,000 500,000 χιλιάδες με ... Κ οι γάλλοι 200,000 περίπου. Άκουσα μια φορά πως έχουμε 60 εκατομμριες λέξεις κ μου φάνηκε υπερβολικό! Παρακαλώ λύστε μου την απορία γιατί θα σκάσω.

Question (German):

How many words does our language have? I know that the English language has around 600,000 words and the German around 300,000 to 500,000. And the French 200,000 roughly. I heard once that we had 60 million words and that felt like an exaggeration! Please solve this question for me otherwise I will go nuts.


Basically, it is difficult to make different languages ​​comparable based on the size of their vocabulary. A crucial question in the information given above is how it is counted. "The Economist" addressed this problem in an interesting article.

According to a contribution by, the Greek language is mentioned in the Guiness Book of Records with 5 million words as the most verbose language in the world. The English language, for example, which is much more widespread, has only 490,000 words of which 41,615 come from the Greek language.

The TLG (Thesaurus Linguae Graecae) ​​provides the following information on this question:

Number of keywords: 160,000
Number of word forms: 1,500,000
Total words: 90,000,000

As an example of a keyword, we take the word άνθρωπος. Twelve word forms can be found for this word: άνθρωπος, άνθρωποι, ανθρώπου, ανθρώπων, ανθρώπω, ανθρώποις, ανθρώποισι, ανθρώποισι, ανθροποισιν, ώνθρςποισιν, ώάνθρως, ανορω, ώάνθρωπνοισιν, ώάνθρθπνονορω, ώάνθρως.

For just one of these word forms, here as an example άνθρωπος, a multitude of word appearances or spellings can be found: ανθρωπος, ἂνθρωποσ, ἂνθρωπος, ἀνθρωπός, ἃνθρωπος. This means that for every word formation or word form of a keyword there are in turn different spellings or word appearances. If you add all of these together you get 90,000,000 for the Greek language.

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