Narcissists are usually backstabbers in the workplace


Clear recommendation !! Avoid company ᕕ (͡ ° ͜ʖ ͡ °) ᕗ

Ex-employee or workerWorked in marketing / product management at etventure GmbH in Berlin.

I think it's good about the employer

Many approaches or core values ​​but the 1 - 2% wrong employees make everything again ad absurdum!

I think it's bad about the employer

After "merging" with EY, a few less capable employees tried to fill the power vacuum with their empty personalities in order to create a raison d'etre.
You don't have to add much, except that this group of people are of the lowest level both in terms of their personalities and the quality of their work.
As soon as an official EY specification was in the room, these people were fire and flame to play themselves as saviors in the foreground. The motto according to the social-chauvinist attitude "hump up and step down". Whereby “hump” is the most harmless paraphrase. Technical terms used by a proctologist would fit better.

Suggestions for improvement

EY think I scored an own goal, the autonomy that started as a pilot project (HR, staffing, finance, own management, etc.) should be completely withdrawn in order to comply with the EY doctrines. In addition, you should take a close look at who is sitting where and why. Apply red pencil to the management or at least to the team leads. Fish always stinks first on the head, even if it is empty.

Working atmosphere

Shortly after my entry, a kind of erosion began which, in retrospect, was to be classified in such a way that good employees were deliberately "burned", who in the end simply no longer wanted to deal with the deliberately worsened working conditions or the reduced initial situation.


One company falls and stands with Finance & HR, the second is now largely responsible for poor cooperation and communication in this company. Apart from the fact that the Head of was constantly changing and this resulted in new haphazard ideas each time, which of course were never followed through to the end. The crowning glory was a narcissist, highly self-indulgent and is a prime example of which group of people is currently. has established itself.

Cohesion of colleagues

They would be called "Backstabber" in the new "Denglish" vernacular. Incidentally, that's also the original sound, teams and employees tend to play off each other rather than tackle things together. But this is due to the C-Level and "management", which is intentionally out or is blind to at least one eye. The tendency is more towards complete blindness as far as what happens within the teams is concerned.

Just as in the other joint project, the "Wavespace", keywords about the team
- I i i
- Choleric
- Likes to hear oneself monologue and paraphrase
- much too young for such a position, there is simply a lack of experience and foresight
- blah blah blah or mi mi mi but emphatically!

Work-life balance

It was usually always good, even before or with Corona. Trust work or as long as third parties could meet their deadlines, it was OK.

Managerial behavior

In my / our case. Absolutely FAIL. Just a pipe. That is already formulated politically correctly. IQ is roughly what feels like room temperature and is "best performance".

Interesting tasks

Well-tried paired with innovations and usual routine tasks. You can't reinvent the wheel.

equal rights

That was never an issue.

Dealing with older colleagues

Everything fine!

working conditions

Good rooms, workplaces and hardware. This is grumbling at the highest level, a first world problem, so to speak.

Environmental / social awareness

"Jaein", they tried hard on the topic. But if 100% of the workforce doesn't go along with it, it's more like a fight against windmills.

Salary / social benefits

From my point of view OK if you take the market as an average. It's up to you, your negotiating skills, etc.


From the customer / partner point of view = to be viewed positively, an attempt is also made to live that way.

Career / further education

"Jaein" & "Ja". The former is again up to you and your own area. The latter through EY, as there are almost endless options here.