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Convert 21.5 inch monitor to cm

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It is often very difficult to keep track of all common monitor sizes. The displays are classified in inches based on their screen diagonals. A common format is 21.5 inches. But also diagonals in 24 ", 27" or even 30 "are no longer uncommon. The high resolution, especially in the 16: 9 format, allows the use of large screens without unnecessarily straining the eyes. Let us now consider all 21.5" devices : What are the real dimensions of a 21.5 inch screen? First the most important information:

21.5 inches to cm is exactly 54.61 cm

This is the screen size of the monitor. Use our online calculator to determine other screen sizes:

How big is a 21.5 inch monitor?

We have now learned that the screen diagonal on 21.5 inch devices is approximately 54.61 centimeters. To classify this size, you need the actual dimensions of the screen (width x height) in centimeters. Important: We are assuming a screen with a 16: 9 ratio. The specific dimensions are:

Width: 49.6 cm
Height: 29.2 cm
Diagonal: 54.61 cm (21.5 ")

Monitor sizes in comparison

Our diagram provides an overview of the common monitor formats based on the 16: 9 aspect ratio. Feel free to compare this size with a 24 inch monitor or a 27 inch monitor.

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