How many users does Shazam

Apple: Shazam has 200 million active users

Apple reports a milestone at Shazam: The music recognition service now has over 200 million active users per month, as the company announced on Tuesday. These are the first numbers on active users that Apple mentions for Shazam. The song most identified by Shazam as of May 2019 is Tones and Is "Dance Monkey," the company notes.

Deeper integration in iOS and Android

The service has now been integrated more deeply into the iOS and Android mobile operating systems, Apple said. In iOS 14.2 it is possible to add music recognition to the control center of iPhone and iPad and also to identify music that is played on the device itself. The Android app has been offering permanent notification since version 11, enabling quick music identification via the notification bar.

The iPhone company bought the service a good two years ago and allegedly paid around $ 400 million for it. An economic reason for the comparatively costly takeover was not given; Apple usually buys smaller, little-known companies for specific technology or know-how. Shazam should open up better ways of discovering music.

EU: No impairment of competition

The European Commission said in 2018 that the acquisition of Shazam will not affect competition - the purchase has been approved. The app was "only of limited importance as an access point to the music streaming services of the competitors of Apple Music", the commission said at the time, the data set of Shazam was also "not unique". The service would "not make it much easier for Apple to address music lovers," according to the EU Commission, "any behavior that would encourage customers to switch would only have negligible effects."

Shazam originally also relied on advertising financing; Apple moved away from this business model immediately after the purchase and threw out advertising banners - tracking services were also removed from the app.


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