Can someone lick my vagina deeply

What does "going penis into the vagina" mean?

Sometimes when a woman and a man are in love, they go to bed together. They take off their clothes and "sleep together", that is, they have "sexual intercourse". The man puts his stiff penis into the woman's vagina. But that doesn't work immediately ...

When a man and woman kiss and caress each other - that is, when they excite each other - the penis and vagina are prepared for the possible sex that may be coming soon: the penis becomes hard and the vagina becomes moist. The body has managed this quite well, because it makes it easier for the penis to penetrate.

The penis becomes hard and the vagina becomes moist

Usually the penis is soft. But sex - sleeping together - wouldn't work with a soft penis. The penis cannot go into the woman's vagina if it is completely soft.

The penis becomes stiff as it fills with blood. There are three cavernous bodies in the penis. Like sponges, these cavernous bodies fill with blood when one is aroused. Because these cavernous bodies are surrounded by skin, when they are full of blood they press against the outer skin of the penis, making it plump and stiff.

Contraception is an important issue

When man and woman have sex can thereby creating a child. The sperm, i.e. the sperm cells, come out of the man's penis and migrate towards the woman's egg cell.

Many also call their first sexual intercourse "the first time". Many adolescents believe that a girl cannot get pregnant the first time she has sexual intercourse. That is a mistake. The girl can become pregnant with any sexual intercourse, including the first time.

Contraception is therefore a very important topic that you have to find out about before the first time. For all of these questions you can get information and help from a profamilia advice center, for example: