Should I come to Wipro as a project engineer?


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So our vehicle is built in 2015. The much-cited reports from the other forum are from 2013f. Eichhörnchen1 spoke of the problem with a vehicle that was only a few months old, meaning that it was built in 2015/16. Accordingly, I assume that nothing constructively or nothing that actually brings something has changed since the first appearance.
In the meantime, I was with the vehicle and the Dethleffs solution at the Citroën dealer, at the TÜV and at a small mobile home builder. I just wanted to get different opinions on it and check whether only I (as an engineer on the one hand and the injured party on the other hand) was not satisfied with the solution. Conclusion: No matter where I was, I was strongly advised against. Reason: Even with the greatest care, chips can always remain in the vehicle floor and lead to corrosion after a long time. It is also doubtful that this solution will last for life. If even a small mistake is made, the damage can be immense, with the damage not showing up until later.
Returning to the vehicle: If it were that easy, the camper would be gone long ago. We have retrofitted a lot (satellite system and TV, inverter with priority circuit, gas tank bottle, external gas connection, SOG, Jehnert sound system, rear garage with aluminum profiles ...). Who will expand this for me and install it in the new vehicle? Where should the new vehicle come from? We waited 7 months for our Revo in 2015 ...
Quite a lot of trouble when you consider that the vehicle was actually bought for fun and € 50,000 was due for it ...
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