Is iron an element

What is iron


Iron is a chemical element and has the abbreviation in the periodic table Fe. It's in the Iron group and is a Transition metal. Iron is the second most common metal in the earth's crust after aluminum. It is made of ore in the Opencast and civil engineering won, mostly in South America, Brazil, China, Australia, Canada and Eastern Europe.

History of iron

Exactly where iron comes from and when it was discovered is unclear. Since there is a corrosion comes when iron meets moisture, there are not many iron archaeological finds. Corrosion is the transformation of a material, here iron, when it reacts with its environment. So the top layers of iron will rust until they eventually fall off. This process repeats itself until the iron breaks down completely.

The oldest known find of the so-called Meteor trips dates from approx 3100 BC Chr. in Mesopotamia, Middle East. The locals living there called the iron urudu-an-barwhat translates Copper of heaven means. It was also known as Heaven Iron and Meteor Iron. This iron was not yet extracted from ore and had a specific nickel content.

In Mesopotamia, however, was already around 3000-2700 BC Chr. found an iron dagger that was completely nickel-free. In Europe, iron spears and tents were used in 9th and 10th centuries BC Chr. found. Around 500 BC Chr. was with the La-Tène time a high culture of iron finds in Germany. In the 13th century Iron casting was then developed in Sweden. today Iron is a main component of steel and is used in a variety of ways.

Appearance and properties of iron

What are the properties of iron? Iron has a silvery white Look. It's a rather soft metal and ductile. Other properties like strength vary in their strength depending on the alloy. For example, an iron alloy with nickel is characterized by its strength.

Trace element - what does iron do in the body?

Iron is also a Trace element of living beings and fulfills various functions. In animals, it ensures blood formation along with other substances. In the field of plants, it influences the photosynthesis and the formation of chlorophyll. In the human body as well as in animals, it is present in oxidized form. It serves here for that Oxygen transport and oxygen storage, as well as electron transfer. Iron deficiency, one of the most common symptoms of deficiency, can manifest itself in brittle hair, brittle nails or dry skin.

Use of iron

Iron is that most used metal worldwide. This is partly due to its strength and toughness, and partly to its Availabilitywhich also makes it very inexpensive. It is used in different areas:

  • technology
  • Construction engineering
  • Industry
  • chemistry
  • Furniture industry

In the technology iron is particularly popular. It has become a base material here. Iron is a main component of steel and so can be used in many ways. In the Construction engineering it is used, for example, for the manufacture of ships or for larger buildings. A very well-known building The Eiffel Tower in Paris is made of iron. In the area chemistry iron is mainly used as a powder. In the Furniture industry becomes iron for example for Metal beds used.

Here you will find metal beds, cast iron furniture and other interesting information about metals.