Can an Indian dentist work in Africa

Why do children work? Causes and Background

Material poverty is a cause of exploitative child labor. However, child labor is also a cause of poverty: Those who toil from an early age and never go to school will eke out their lives as a day laborer. The concept of poverty conceals political, social and economic factors that also cause child labor:

  • Governments neglect education systems. There is no primary school in the vicinity. Schools are very poorly equipped, there are too few or poorly trained and underpaid teachers. School fees or the cost of books or uniforms exclude children from poor families.
  • Pandemics, especially HIV / AIDS, are spreading, the parents' generation falls ill and dies. Government or private aid is either non-existent or insufficient. Children are on their own.
  • Authorities and police are weak or corrupt and benefit from exploitative work themselves.
  • Adults are unemployed. Employers do not pay livelihood wages.
  • Where there are no social security systems, such as unemployment insurance, children have to drop out of school and work if their parents lose their jobs.
  • Employers employ children in both the informal and formal sectors because they can then pay even lower wages and children do not organize.
  • Women and girls are seen as inferior. As a result, no value is attached to school attendance by girls; from an early age they are considered workers without rights and without a voice.
  • In many societies, certain social groups are discriminated against and deprived of many basic rights. This affects, for example, children from poor families, children from refugee families, migrant children, indigenous people, ethnic or religious groups.
  • In areas where the state itself persecutes or discriminates against certain groups, children are particularly vulnerable to all forms of violence and exploitation.

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