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People with disabilities need special support: in everyday life, at work or in their free time. Your specific needs and interests are the basis for the selection of help offers. The aim is to participate in community life.

The district of Upper Bavaria can use the overall plan procedure to select the support offers. This has a holistic approach. People with disabilities take center stage with their personal situation. You actively participate in the planning, selection and implementation of your aids.

What is a master plan procedure?

The Bavarian districts introduced this procedure in 2005. It takes into account the living situation, the wishes and the individual needs of people with disabilities. The basis for the procedure is a comprehensive determination of the requirements. The applicants as well as the facilities and services that offer the assistance are involved.

The overall planning process is made up of

  • the doctor's report,
  • the social report,
  • the help plan and development sheets HEB-A-Bogen, HEB-B-Bogen and HEB-C-Bogen as well
  • the report sheets for the workshop or mining facility.

In addition, the district of Upper Bavaria checks whether the legal requirements for the granting of social assistance are met. More detailed information can be found in the guidelines of the Bavarian districts for the overall planning process.

The guidelines and all forms for the overall planning procedure for adult people with disabilities are available on the website of the Bavarian District Assembly. There you will find current information on the new instrument for determining needs, the so-called BIBay. This procedure is currently being developed for the whole of Bavaria as part of SGB IX. A pilot phase is planned. You can also find out more about these at the Bavarian District Congress.

Forms and materials

  • additional Information

    Application notes for assistance need group 2 in workshops for people with disabilitiesPDF, 203 kB
  • Instruments and guidelines for the overall planning process for people with mental disabilities can be found on the website of the Bavarian District Assembly.
    e.g. medical report, social report, report sheets WFBM and funding institutions, HEB sheets A-C, guidelines.

    additional Information

    Evaluation grid for the "Housing" report sheet PDF, 170 kB
  • additional Information

    Declaration of consent to the distribution of the social reportPDF, 268 kB
  • additional Information

    Questionnaire for help need group 2 in workshops for people with disabilitiesXLSX, not accessible, 78 kB
  • Tools and guidelines for the overall planexternal link
  • additional Information

    Orientation aid for the "Housing" report sheetPDF, 290 kB