What is mind management

What exactly does "mind management" mean?

In today's world, when everything can be "managed", these anglicisms can cause confusion. But what does it really mean, his "Mind to manage"?

More precisely, this designation is my favorite name for a holistic mental training. Ok, that's the German word for it now. How can you understand that again now? Mental training is only for mentally ill people or top athletes, isn't it?

Not exactly!

Mental training originally comes from top-class sport. Trainers have recognized that the inner attitude, your mindset,a crucial part of success or failure contribute. In recent years it has been proven that these techniques, which are based on scientific findings from brain research and cognitive behavioral psychology, can lead to great positive changes for everyone, be it professionally or privately.

How exactly does it work?

Mental training is about discovering, promoting and increasing one's own competencies, skills and resilience. It is about changing the culture of thinking and the resulting emotions in such a way that the experience can become more peaceful, joyful and successful. Mental training can significantly increase self-confidence, inner strength and well-being. Hidden potentials are activated through resource orientation and personal responsibility. Sounds great, doesn't it? It is!

It is an impulse for a new direction, so to speak.

  • It's about questioning the point of view, the attitude, the mindset about oneself, about others and about one's project and then consciously adjusting it.

  • It's about realizing that how you see yourself has the greatest impact on the outside world.

  • It is also about recognizing that with your mind, your spirit, your thoughts everything, absolutely everything can be influenced.

Do you want to take off? A change in your life? Finally find your why in life? Make your dreams come true? You feel that there is more, but you don't know exactly what or how to get there?

Especially when stepping into the unknown or before major changes are desired, one is often plagued by Doubts and fears. It is therefore one of the most important things you can do to deal with your mindset through mental training in order to achieve the results you want.

Because the biggest blockage, Why people do not create the life they would like to have is that we wish for an improvement in our current situation, but in our subconscious we often do not believe that our dreams can really come true. This means that we may dream and want certain changes in our life, but it depends on the subconscious level do not program or acknowledge. This works automatically like a built-in database and constantly compares everything with previous experiences. From these experiences, step by step, today's one emerged Identity.

Unfortunately, as a rule, we hardly ever question them or not at all. Why actually?

Spotlight on!

This is ensured by a small group of cells in our brain stem, the reticular activation system in which it only filters out the information from the unbelievable excess of information that is supposedly important to us. These are brought into the spotlight, everything else remains hidden. Once we understand that things can go on in the "dark" for us, but we just never notice it, we can realign our whole life! Because as in mine Blog article "How our thoughts create our reality"Specifically, we create our own reality through our thoughts and feelings and the actions that arise from them. So instead of trying to always change the outside, we should start to start this change from within. And that's exactly where mind management comes into play! It helps you to reprogram your thinking and behavior patterns in order to achieve the results you want.

Make space for yourself

Unfortunately, these important topics are very easily lost in everyday life, as it is a task that cannot be processed quickly as a to-do. An in-depth examination of oneself and one's mindset requires a high degree of commitment and discipline. It is about recognizing which thoughts have blocked you so far and which are beneficial and about integrating new thought patterns and habits into your life, how you build up the beneficial ones and remove the blocking ones.

The ideal is not just to be showered in a seminar, but to get straight into the implementation. In order to be able to open yourself to the topic with all your heart, it is often a wonderful idea to combine internal work, i.e. mental training with physical relaxation, for example with yoga, meditation or other mindfulness tools.

The best thing to do is to look for a way of how you can achieve more peace, relaxation and openness in a relaxed setting in which you feel good, where you can indulge yourselves.

I am so grateful with Lisa Maria Klingler, Yoga teacher, training manager and coach and in cooperation with the beautiful 4 * Alpenhaus Gasteinertal to have started a project to offer women just such a framework. Mind management meets yoga. A place where you can create your new mindset through a perfectly coordinated combination of yoga, meditation and mental training, break away from old blockages and start your path to your desired change with ease and joy. Would you like to find out more?

Easy click here, there are still places available.