Why doesn't Instagram use Mongodb

SHAREHOLDER tip MongoDB: Totally crazy - goal reached after 8 days!

In the course of digitization, companies have to struggle with huge and complex amounts of data (big data). Efficient management of this data is one of the key success factors for corporations. This is the only way to optimize business processes and save costs.

The selection of the right big data software plays a decisive role. With MongoDB, DER AKTIONĂ„R has one of the world's most promising and important database providers in the field of Big Data on its recommendation list. The analysts are also impressed.

Analyst full of praise

The Morgan Stanley analyst Sanjit Singh MongoDB upgraded from "equilibrium" to "overweight" and raised the target price from 295 to 439 dollars. Singh emphasizes that MongoDB is convincing with growth rates of over 30 percent and is constantly gaining many new customers.

Because of its strength in the cloud space, MongoDB should be able to maintain its leadership role and expand its presence in the fastest growing space in the database market. In addition, the rating is not too high when you consider the strategic importance of MongoDB technology.

Dynamic growth market

As a provider of document-oriented NoSQL databases, MongoDB is one of the most promising and fastest growing database specialists worldwide. According to the analysts, the company will break even in 2022.

MongoDB differs from traditional databases in that it distributes the database and the workload over several servers and thus works more efficiently and with higher performance than SQL-based databases such as Oracle or Microsoft Azure SQL.

THE SHAREHOLDER recommended MongoDB to buy in issue 51/2020. Since then, the share has already gained around 30 percent and reached its target price of EUR 300.00. THE SHAREHOLDER now adjusts the target and stopping course. New target: 380.00 euros. new stop: 230.00 euros.

Note on possible conflicts of interest:

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