Can i relax my bleached hair

With problem hair to Janine M .: before and after

Anyone who has problem hair like me knows it. Finding a suitable hairdresser who can handle it is not easy. I tried out Janine M.'s salon in Landau through a recommendation. And am more than satisfied. What happened here with my thin, brittle problem hair is simply mega! My hair and I - this has always been a love-hate relationship. They are thin, greasy extremely quickly and have become quite broken and brittle due to various colorings and strands over the years. I don't like it, but it just doesn't work without it. At least not with me.

Thin problem hair with a lot of split ends

A few months have passed since my last visit to the hairdresser, and you can see that too. The beginning of my shoulder-length problem hair has already grown out to ten centimeters. Dark blonde or light brown on top, I can't exactly define my natural color. White-blonde below, from the former strands. In addition, a lot of split ends, the tips are just thin fringes.

Janine M. recommended in Landau

I need a hairdresser who can handle my problem hair. A friend recommends Janine M. in Landau. His wife probably had problems similar to mine. But since you went to this hairdresser in Landau a.d. Isar goes, she is very satisfied. He himself goes to Janine M's barbershop. And I actually noticed that his full beard has recently started to look much more neat. In contrast to the past ... so there seems to be such a thing as problem hair in men too 😊.

Professional for blonde problem hair

So I make an appointment with Janine M. Su will take care of my problem hair. She has blonde hair herself, and knows her way around. “I've tried almost everything myself on my head and I know what works. And what not. ”She grins.

Perm on bleached hair: a no-go

She knows, for example, that beach waves, which I would like to have, are not possible with my problem hair. “That would be a permanent wave. But a perm on bleached hair doesn't work, ”she says. The hair turns into gum and breaks. No I do not want this. On the contrary, I want to let it grow again. I'm more of the classic long hair type. Short haircuts are too stressful for me, I have found. They require a lot of styling in the morning. But I lack the time, inclination and talent for that.

Then just an ombre!

"Then let's make an ombre," says Su. An ombre is a gradient in the hair. Light above, dark below. For example. Or green above, blue below. An ombre is possible in all variations and combinations. “Your hair has the best conditions for this because of your outgrown roots,” says Su. All right then. Then an ombre. For the upper part we use a chestnut shade, a little darker than my natural hair. "But it becomes lighter after several hair washes and in the sun," says Su. “Then you won't see the approach later”. Perfect! Towards the tips it becomes a platinum blonde.

Implementation of the ombre

Su prepares the colors and starts right away. First she applies the dark tone. To do this, she divides the hair into sections and applies the color approximately halfway down its length with a soft brush. First left, then right, and finally back. She does this in layers so that evenly color comes everywhere. Then it's off to the top. Here it does the same. Su smears the color with his fingers only at the transition to the dark tone. “There are different techniques for an ombre. I think that's the most effective, ”she explains. After about 20 minutes, my problem hair is full of color. It now has to act for 40 minutes. I get some water, something sweet and something to read. I'm good.

Treatment and head massage

And it gets even better. Because when the 40 minutes are up, Heiked washes the paint off for me. No. She massages out the paint. Wow I think that's fine. Then she wants to apply the keratin treatment to me and in all seriousness asks if she can massage my head while doing it. Of course she can! Close your eyes and just enjoy. I haven't been so relaxed in a long time. After 10 minutes, the cure is washed out and cutting begins. Only the bare essentials please, I want to let my hair grow. Two centimeters have to go, says Su. Ok, I can live with that.

Blow-drying thin hair is quick and easy

Also the seats around in the very stylish hairdressing salon are cut. There is a lot of hair in various shades on the floor everywhere. Not at my place. Hardly anything to see. That's the way it is with thin, frayed problem hair.

Beach waves with straighteners

Thin hair has one advantage: Blow-drying is relatively quick. Su blows volume into my hair with a large round brush. And as a little treat, she makes me nice waves with a straightening iron. "This is how you get to your beach waves." She grins again. Me too. The straightener is already on the shopping list.

Wow effect and perfect price-performance ratio

When I look in the mirror, I rarely get a wow effect. Alredy today. My hair can look really good. They are darker than before. But definable in terms of color. And above all, they look well-groomed. I'm very satisfied. Oh nonsense, I'm absolutely thrilled! And in view of the fact that I already left € 150 with other hairdressers and wasn't half as happy with the result, I think the € 100 with Janine M. is perfectly fine. The perfect price-performance ratio. Janine M. has won a new regular customer. And I finally found a hairdresser who can handle my problem hair. Just happy!