What does Poroshenko mean with blind trust

Ukraine: Selenskyi's party wins the election

Pro-Russian opposition platform will lose second largest party, right-wing Maidan parties

The parliamentary elections in Ukraine have confirmed expectations. The big winner is the "Servants of the People" party of the recently elected President Volodymyr Zelenskyi. According to surveys after voting, he can count on over 44 percent. That is not a majority, but an astonishing result for a president who cannot really be assessed politically and a party that was created out of nowhere and was elected with blind confidence or the mere desire for system change.

The Ukrainians are fed up with the political caste controlled by oligarchs who have created a new party with no real program while politicians switch from one party to the other. Selenskyi, the actor, cabaret artist and leading actor in the satirical television series "Servants of the People", promises a break with the political caste. His close relationship with the oligarch Ihor Kolomojskyj, who owns the television station on which the series was shown (Polit-Swamp in Ukraine) is known.

The new head of government should be a person, he promised before election day, who has so far had nothing to do with politics, but who is an "absolutely professional economist". Why such a person is "completely independent" will remain his secret, but could prove his dependence on Kolomoysky.

It was also no surprise that the pro-Russian opposition platform came in second with over 11 percent, pushing the nationalist parties of Poroshenko and Tymoshenko into third and fourth place. Pop musician Sviatoslav Vakarchuk will achieve over 6 percent with his party "Holos" (voice). Like Swoboda, the rest of the parties cannot exceed the 5 percent hurdle.

It will now be interesting to know with whom Selenskyi will form a coalition, who as the election winner but with a surprisingly low voter turnout of 50 percent is not supported by the vast majority of the people. So you don't expect too much from him. It is completely uncertain whether he can initiate a turnaround and, above all, resolve the conflict in eastern Ukraine, which is at the top of the Ukrainians' wish list. (Florian Rötzer)

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