Which companies insure a disabled person

Car insurance for the disabled

Motor vehicle liability for the disabled

Motor vehicle liability insurance is required by law for all motor vehicle owners. The compulsory insurance in motor vehicle insurance also applies to disabled people and people with physical or mental disabilities.

There was a special feature for handicapped vehicle owners until mid-1994, because up until then there was a legal right to specially conditioned car insurance. Until the release of the insurance conditions on July 1, 1994, the legislature had clearly regulated that the Car insurance for the disabled must be cheaper than for non-disabled people. As a person affected, you could benefit to a considerable extent from so-called social discounts if you took out car insurance for (driving) disabled people. The amount of the discount was often based on the severity of the disability.

Special conditions no longer applicable

In the course of the liberalization of the European internal market for insurance and the associated release of the conditions, the mandatory special conditions for disabled people have ceased to exist. Whether and to what extent insurance companies still consider motor vehicle insurance for the disabled with special conditions and discounts has since then been entirely at the discretion of the motor insurer.

There is little information about which insurance companies still offer specially conditioned motor vehicle insurance for the disabled. As a disabled person, you only have the option of comparing or inquiring about any discounts with selected insurance companies. Simply use the vehicle insurance comparison from PREISVERGLEICH.de, which will help you find the cheapest vehicle insurance.

If necessary, you will receive a discount for severely handicapped persons when you take out and change a motor vehicle insurance (as of September 2020).

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