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Practice Firms in Austria

Commercial training - not just a few schoolchildren, but also many adults looking back at their own school days - associate it with the terms “boring”, “dry” and the like.
The practice firm proves that it can be done quite differently: a successful training model, place of learning and method of learning in one.

The practice firm is the model of a real company and it is impossible to imagine Austrian vocational schools and adult education without them. This practical part of commercial training for vocational schools was rediscovered more than 20 years ago and was introduced as compulsory instruction in the curriculum of commercial academies and commercial schools as early as 1993/1994.

  • Practice firms are mainly set up at vocational schools.
  • Practice firms do business. You buy and sell products or services, pay taxes and duties and take care of all the necessary official channels online.
  • Practice firms act within Austria and with foreign countries. Foreign languages ​​can be trained there and you get to know the business culture of business partners. Around 5000 practice firms are networked around the world.
  • Practice firms combine theoretical and practical learning.
  • In practice firms, learning is done differently: actively and motivated, autonomously and independently. Teachers don't 'teach' in the classic sense, they look after and coach.
  • Schoolchildren work for a year as if they were in a real company. Everyone has their job: in marketing, in the human resources department, in purchasing or sales, in management, etc. You can apply for a department.
  • Schoolchildren work together in small groups. There are no 50 minute lessons (3-4 hours per week).

In a practice firm, all industry-specific business cases corresponding to practice arise. The associated work must be carried out taking into account commercial practices and legal requirements.

However, goods and services and the money required to pay for them do not exist in real terms. In today's virtual world, this is actually no longer noticeable.