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HC Davos versus ZSC Lions - defeated your favorite opponent in a retro camisole

The ZSC Lions screw up the anniversary game for HC Davos: The Zurich team won 3: 2 away despite a moderate performance in the first 40 minutes.

100 years of HC Davos, an anniversary game with wonderful retro jerseys on both sides. The affiche was right, as far as that can be the case without an audience. The ZSC Lions looked good, but their game left a lot to be desired for a long time. Very long. It was only the late 2-2 in the middle third that breathed life into them.

The Lions took the momentum into the final third, finally played convincingly, powerfully and constricted the HCD, leaving him hardly any breathing space. Finally, the parade formation with Sven Andrighetto and Garrett Roe was no longer responsible for the swing. After 50 minutes, Teemu Rautiainen set the course for Zurich victory with a 3-2 draw. The people of Graubünden couldn't find an answer, the final 20 minutes went with 13: 4 shots to the Lions.

★★★ Sven Andrighetto
The driving force behind a ZSC offensive that has not been inspired for a long time. Located at the origin of the first two Zurich hits.

★★ Garrett Roe
The center plays bigger than its 171 centimeters would suggest. Cramps in all zones, playmakers on the offensive.

Patrick Geering
For once, the captain is not always flawlessly on the defensive. But he ensures with the important 2-2 for the goal that brings the Zurich back into the game.

In the end it was the eighth success in a row against the Grisons. Since Christian Wohlwend took over in Davos in summer 2019, he has been able to win at least once against all NL opponents - except against the Lions.

Penalty missed early

After 40 minutes, the Lions were well served with the 2-2 intermediate result. If you only looked at the shots on goal, things didn't look bad for the Zurich team, as it usually does. But too often they were only reacting in the middle third, allowing themselves to be constricted by enthusiastic Davosers. After Teemu Turunens forced an early 2-1 lead with a lot of fighting power, the Lions had to be feared for a short time. But it was ZSC captain Patrick Geering who scored the next goal, because he took advantage of a little chaos in the foreign line for a free shot at the defensively vulnerable Davos team.

It wasn't much better for the ZSC in the starting third either. He could have taken the lead early on when Denis Hollenstein was able to take the penalty. After two exceptions last week in Bern, he chose his “standard trick” again, the shot between the goalie's legs, but HCD goalkeeper Sandro Aeschlimann could not be beaten. In a game with many penalties and little rhythm, the ZSC hardly got into the game until the first break, he saved himself with a 1: 1 in the dressing room because Aeschlimann helped the Zurich hit with a strange parade and ricochet - and himself in the process still injured.

The Lions fell behind in a lamentable way with a lot of bankruptcies, bad luck and mishaps. First Dario Trutmann lost the stick, then all five Zurich residents lost track of things on the ice. And if one of the many findings of ice hockey analytics is that most goals fall immediately after counter-attacks and puck losses, but not after long periods of pressure, then the 0: 1 from Zurich's point of view was not only unusual, but also unnecessary. When Enzo Corvi was able to shoot the target into the half-empty goal after just under 70 seconds (!), The whole ZSC block was played out and checked.

From a Zurich point of view, these omissions no longer played a role in the end, the three points in the fight for the direct playoff place were decisive - it only needs one point from the remaining two games (against Lausanne and in Langnau). But Lions are not allowed to sweep all of this under the carpet, victory or not.

Davos - ZSC Lions 2: 3 (1: 1, 1: 1, 0: 1)

Gates: 6. Corvi (Palushaj, Buchli) 1-0. 19. Prassl (Andrighetto, Noreau) 1: 1. 23. Turunen (Marc Wieser, Corvi / Exclusion Trutmann) 2: 1. 37. Geering (Andrighetto, Roe) 2-2. 50. Rautiainen (Geering, Phil Baltisberger) 2: 3.

Punish: 5 times 2 minutes Davos, 4 times 2 minutes ZSC.

Remarks: ZSC without Blindenbacher, Chris Baltisberger, Flüeler, Pettersson, Morant (injured), Simic, Diem (redundant). - Goalie Sandro Aeschlimann injured himself at 1: 1 at Davos, from 21st with Mayer in goal. - 4. Sandro Aeschlimann holds penalty from Hollenstein. - Davos from 58:35 to 58:43 and 58:51 to 60:00 without a goalie, with an additional field player. - 59:54 time-out Davos.

The other games

Lausanne and Lugano in the playoff

HC Lugano also won the fourth duel of the season against Langnau, who was bottom of the table, and secured their place in the playoff. Thanks to a convincing catch-up after a 1: 3 deficit, the Ticino won 7: 3, Luca Fazzini shone with a three-pack.

In the French-speaking Swiss derby, Geneva won an important win and beat Lausanne 5-1. Servette consolidates the sixth place in the table, which is still enough for the playoff. Meanwhile, Lausanne is already through, because the direct rivals Geneva and Biel will still duel on Saturday and thus only one team can push itself ahead of Lausanne at best.

Leader Zug and Freiburg fought a tough battle. Only in the 43rd minute was Zug's Yannick Zehnder able to break the spell and make it 1-0. As a result, Zug played ice cold and finally won 4-0. Thanks to this victory, the EVZ is the sole holder of the points record (116).

Thursday: Davos - ZSC Lions 2: 3 (1: 1 1: 1 0: 1). Lausanne - Genève-Servette 1: 5 (0: 3 1: 1 0: 1). Lugano - SCL Tigers 7: 3 (0: 2 1: 0 6: 1). Zug - Friborg 4: 0 (0: 0 0: 0 4: 0).

Table: 1st train 50/116. 2. Lugano 50/89. 3. Lausanne 49/86. 4. ZSC Lions 50/87. 5. Friborg 50/87. 6. Genève-Servette 48/81. 7. Biel 46/75. 8. Davos 50/74. 9. SC Bern 48/56. 10. Lakers 48/53. 11. Ambri 49/47. 12. SCL Tigers 50/31.

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