Removes fingerprints while playing the guitar

Fingerprints on metal surfaces

Fingerprints on metals are often more than the term suggests: They are not just prints from grease that can simply be wiped off, but also traces or corrosion etched into the metal. Ballistol is one of the very few oils able to prevent this chemical process.

Fingerprints or fingerprints on metal surfaces are caused by hand sweat, which consists of 99 percent water, but one percent of "other substances" contains "problematic" mixtures, which in turn mainly consist of salts and fats. Other components such as urea, amino acids, sugar etc. do not play a prominent role in relation to the fingerprints. Fats and salts are decisive for the generation or aggressiveness of fingerprints.

The following applies: the more salt there is in individual hand sweat, the more aggressively the fingerprint behaves on surfaces susceptible to corrosion.

Healthy hands also secrete hand sweat

The palms of the hands, like the soles of the feet, have a particularly large number of sweat glands. As a result, every normal hand, even if it does not feel subjectively moist, secretes a certain amount of hand sweat and thus creates acidic fingerprints.

Sweat is acidic and rusts metals

The acidic hand sweat even etches the fingerprints into stainless steel surfaces. Other metals rust quickly from the acidic sweat on the fingertips.

The result is always damage, not just contamination.

This is also the reason, for example, that guitar strings rust. Learn how to care for musical instruments and prevent rust on guitar strings.

Surfaces can be protected from damage with alkaline oils

If the acidic hand sweat hits an alkaline pretreated surface, the pH value of the sweat is neutralized. This is a natural chemical process that protects the preserved metal from damage as well as from the optically undesirable effects of fingerprints. However, alkaline oils are very rare. Ballistol is one of those rare alkaline oils and is therefore able to actually chemically neutralize hand perspiration. Often you can read on the packaging of neutral oils (pH neutral oil): "neutralizes hand sweat". However, this is not the case, since a pH-neutral medium is chemically incapable of neutralizing acid. Only the visual impression can be improved for a short time by the oil film. Ballistol, on the other hand, is alkaline and neutralizes hand perspiration. This protects surfaces that have been treated with Ballistol from corrosive fingerprints. It is not for nothing that Ballistol is also used in many professional kitchens for the care of stainless steel surfaces.

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