Who is better Cavani or Higuain

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Higuain has certainly been a good striker and has celebrated his successes and performed well. A Higuain has, but never belonged to the top of the world. You can actually see that in his career.

At Real Madrid he was sorted out after 3 years as a luxury reservist and moved to Naples for little money. There he played two good and one very good seasons and then went to Juventus Turin.

Who sold it again after 2 average years (125 minutes per scorer 17/18, 124 minutes per scorer 16/17). Again he switched for little money and with an option to buy (and not an obligation to buy). The whole thing then also to a relatively weak club like Milan.

In this decade he only played 5 years out of 8 as a regular player and only achieved an average better than 100 minutes per scorer twice.
A Lewandowski has that, for example. Made it 5 times in the last 8 years (including 7 years as a regular player), a Suarez made it 7 times in 8 years as a regular player. Just as a comparison.

So much bullshit.

5x league champions, CL finals, World Cup finals, top scorer, then several multiple cup winners.
Higuain is one of the best in the world.

There were enough Real fans who would have preferred to keep Higuain at that time than Benzema, who is the weaker MS, but better suited to CR7.

To Naples for little money
Most expensive Napoli transfer and with a fee of 39 million it would also be in the top 5 most expensive newcomers in Bundesliga history.

He was so average at Juve that he played 73/76 league games and scored 50 points.

And because he was so bad, he switched to Milan for even less money (56 million), making him the most expensive over 30 player ever after Ronaldo.

There were confirmed offers from England including Chelsea, but Milan was able to convince him and had the longer lever and was therefore able to pull Juventus over the table (Caldara + Higuain for Bonucci and 56Mio) ...

This whole goal cut is bullshit anyway, because Serie A is more defensive than the Bundesliga or the BPL.
In addition, in the BPL the competition is much closer together and there are therefore better opponents, while in the Bundesliga there is no competition and Bayern have to play themselves in a crisis so that the championship is somehow relevant until matchday 27 is ...

39 million to Napoli is the 108th most expensive transfer in the world. It's just a little more than a Jackson Martinez cost (37.1 million to Atletico) when he moved at the age of 29 without much international experience (Portuguese league only).

His new move to Milan is a loan with K.O.
In other words: Milan wasn't ready to put € 54 million on the table for Higuain in the summer.

And is it that much harder to score goals in Italy?

Top scorer 17/18 in Italy Immobile and Icardi with 29 goals each and Lewandowski in Germany with 29 goals.
Top scorer 16/17 in Italy Dzeko with 29 goals and in Germany Aubameyang with 31 goals
Top scorer 15/16 in Italy Higuain with 35 goals and in Germany Lewandowski with 30 goals

17/18 team with the most goals at Lazio Rome with 89, 16/17 Napoli with 94 goals and 15/16 AS Roma with 83 goals.

In Germany 17/18 Bayern with 92 goals, 16/17 Bayern with 89 goals and 15/16 Dortmund with 82 goals.

Doesn't speak much for your theory.

PS: The Higuain that you want to raise to the top of the world has scored 23 goals in 75 games in the CL. He has more games in the CL than Lewandowksi and exactly half of his goals.
1. With your small calculation, however, you forget that 38 games will be played in Italy and not 34 as in BL. The goal rate of the Bundesliga clubs and strikers is of course (much) better than that of the Italians and not on the same level as you have put it here. In 2017/18, the Italian clubs conceded an average of 1.33 goals per game in the league - in the Bundesliga it was 1.39. In CL 2.0 (BL) and 1.5 (Serie A), with Italy having two teams in the knockout phase with AS Roma and Juve. In the EL 0.91 (BL) and 1.08 (Serie A) - here too the Italians with twice as many teams in the knockout phase. 3. This should make it clear that the defense in Serie A is definitely better and thus the performance of the Italian top scorer is to be rated higher. Higuain's change in 2013/2014 is only surpassed by Cavani (64.5) and Falcao (43) among the center strikers - but both did not change as discarded players, but at the zenith of their performance. In 2016/17, Higuain was by far the most expensive center forward - with this move, by the way, he is 9th on the transfer records. 5. Milan was already ready for this, but for accounting reasons - keyword FFP - that made little sense.