What is revealing negligent parenting

Do Parental Abuse and Neglect Victims Become Abusive or Negligent Parents?

Bad parenting is seen as a risk factor for all types of dysfunction. For example, it has been found that children are at higher risk for victimization

These are just random samples from the first page of a Google Scholar search for the term "bad parenting". This is a well-researched topic and it appears to have been shown that victims of abusive or neglected parents are at increased risk of engaging in abusive and criminal behavior themselves.

As for your specific question, again it appears that adults who were abused as children are at greater risk of abusing their own children. This is a consistent finding across many studies: one example, another example. There are many other examples here too. The other risk factors such as intimate partner violence (i.e. adult re-victimization), teenage pregnancy, and substance abuse are in turn facilitated by victimization of children (see list above).

The problem is that many studies are poorly designed and often do not carefully consider other influences such as personality traits and child responsibility: not all children are born as the same blank blackboard and as "difficult" (irascible, stubborn, energetic, etc.) The child is more likely to use desperate attempts such as physical violence by the parents to contain them, and as an adult, whether or not abused as a child, has a greater tendency towards anger, impatience, and transgression in the child Limits of other people including his own children. An article analyzing methodological problems notes that of all studies of intergenerational child abuse published between 1965 and 2000, only ten included a control group, and of those ten only two met several other methodological standards, and of those two a study provided evidence continuity of physical abuse of children for generations, while the other did not .

So it seems that this question has not been answered to the full satisfaction of current research.

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For a good review of research into the effects of different parenting styles, see pages 182-188 in Arnett, JJ (2010). Adolescence and emerging adulthood (4th ed.). Boston: Pearson.

Definition: bad parenting

Laurence Steinberg defines "bad parenting":

So when I say bad upbringing, I mean upbringing that extremely hard is parenting that inconsistent is, or upbringing that excessively revealing is. And often children get all three things together. So your parents will go from really, really harsh and punitive to not even caring and be what most of us would consider negligent. And so, these three things, harshness, admissibility, and inconsistency, have all been shown to contribute to antisocial behavior during puberty.

Keegan Keplinger

I think "bad parenting" is a very arbitrary term ... maybe you could be more specific to each example.