What is oil made of?

Make plant extracts with oil, healing oils yourself

Make healing oils yourself!? How do you make them?

In order to produce herbal healing oils, herbs are macerated ("extracted") in stable (= which do not go rancid so quickly), vegetable oils. Organic sunflower oil is particularly suitable for this, but also olive oil, almond, avocado, jojoba, sesame, safflower and grapeseed oil, and organic coconut oil, which is recommended for hot extracts.

  • Usually only a single species of plant is used for this process. Only mix the herbal oils as required after filtering them off, e.g. for massage oils or for ointments.

How do they develop their effectiveness?

The fat-soluble ingredients of the plant are transferred to the oil during the extraction (maceration).
When the oil is applied to the skin, they act on it.
Ingredients that can penetrate the skin barrier enter the bloodstream via the smallest blood vessels (blood capillaries) and, depending on their molecular nature, have an effect in the areas below (e.g. rheumatic ointments) or in more distant parts of the body. Think of modern hormone and pain patches or reports of witch ointments!

How is a healing oil used?

  • It is used - according to the healing effects of the extracted (macerated) medicinal plant!
  • But you can also use healing oils Healing ointment or healing cream or skin creamincorporate.
  • When stored in a cool and dark place, the herbal healing oil retains its full effectiveness for 1 year.


Depending on the consistency of the part of the plant that should be extracted and the time that is given to it, one of the three production methods for healing oils is used:

  1. Preparing healing oils (= cold extraction or maceration) - takes up to 6 weeks, which also means 6 weeks of visual enjoyment! -Some plants such as roses and St. John's wort are only pulled out cold.
  2. Make healing oils yourself with hot extraction in a water bath - takes up to 90 minutes and is suitable for many plants.
  3. Make healing oils yourself by direct hot drawing - takes up to 90 minutes and is particularly suitable for hard parts of plants.