What can you take on board an airplane

What can I take with me?

According to the regulation, four categories of liquids can be distinguished:

  • Liquid medication and special dietetic food (e.g. baby food) that will be used during the trip
  • Liquids from duty free purchases in sealed security bags
  • Liquids up to 100 ml, packed in a transparent, resealable bag with a capacity of up to 1 liter
  • Other liquids

Liquid medication and liquid dietetic foods as well as liquids that were bought duty-free at airports or on board airplanes and are in special, undamaged and unopened sealed security bags (called "STEB", Security Tamper Evident Bag) will be used from January 31, 2014 controlled with special detection technology. If the harmlessness of the liquid cannot be determined beyond doubt, the liquid may not be carried in hand luggage.

Liquids in containers with a capacity of less than 100 ml may - as before - only be taken in the familiar 1-liter bag. The bag must be transparent, resealable and have a capacity of up to one liter. One 1-liter bag is allowed per passenger.

"Other liquids" are either liquids in containers under 100 ml that no longer fit in the 1 liter bag, or liquids over 100 ml that were not purchased duty free on board an aircraft or at an airport. These liquids may not be carried in hand luggage. Unless this is excluded by other provisions (e.g. dangerous goods regulations), these liquids can be stowed in checked baggage.