Who originally created the PayPal product?

Set up the PayPal payment system with STRATO

PayPal is the market leader among online payment systems. With more than 230 million member accounts in 193 countries the company clearly sets itself apart from its competition. So much experience in business creates trust from which you as the shop owner also benefit. STRATO offers you the option of setting up a PayPal interface in your online shop, with which you can offer your customers a convenient and secure payment option. Most of the tariff packages of the STRATO web shops include PayPal as an optional payment system. Offer your customers a convenient and secure payment method and benefit from the simple and uncomplicated processing of your sales.

  • internationally available online payment service
  • Verify PayPal account and shop online without bank details
  • fast money transfer = fast delivery
  • optimized for the mobile internet
  • safe thanks to fraud prevention measures
  • Private and business accounts with buyer and seller protection

What types of PayPal accounts are there?

Depending on how intensively you use the Internet to buy and sell goods, PayPal offers you two types of accounts:

  • The private account
    The PayPal private account is suitable for you if you not only want to shop, but also want to sell from time to time as a private person. You can use PayPal's eBay and merchant tools. You will be charged a small fee for incoming payments by credit card. If a payment is not received, seller protection takes effect. After examining the case, PayPal will reimburse you for the outstanding amount.
  • The business account
    The PayPal business account is ideal for companies or commercial buyers: In addition to using buyer and seller protection and access to PayPal's eBay and dealer tools, you can also set up different user accesses for the same account here. You also have to pay a small fee for incoming payments via credit card.

As a registered PayPal user, you can also have both a personal and a business account. Different email addresses and passwords must be used for both.

Create a PayPal account: This is how it works

  1. Go to paypal.com.
  2. Click on the "Register again" button.
  3. Choose a private or a business account.
  4. Enter an email address and set a password.
  5. Click on Continue".
  6. Now enter your data such as name / company name, address, mobile phone number. etc. at.
  7. Confirm with a tick that you agree to the terms of use and the data protection principles of PayPal.
  8. Click on “Register now”.
  9. In the next step, decide whether you want to register a bank account or a credit card.
  10. Enter your date of birth and bank details for the bank account.
  11. After clicking on "Register bank account" you will receive a summary of your data in a new window, which you accept.
  12. PayPal would now like to transfer a very small amount to your bank account with which it wants to send you a four-digit code. This transfer is triggered by clicking on “Request number code”.
  13. After one to two days you will find the transfer from PayPal with the code in the purpose of payment on your bank account. Log into your PayPal account again and enter the code under "Confirm bank account". Your account is now registered.

Your advantages when you create a PayPal account

For buyers: There are no fees for creating an account or for payment transactions (exception: incoming credit card payments). Many online retailers around the world accept PayPal so that you can also conveniently order abroad. The details of your deposited bank or credit card are secure, as no seller receives this information. In addition, customers receive the products they have ordered faster, as the money arrives at the retailer immediately and the goods can be sent faster as a result.

For sellers: PayPal is a cost-effective option for companies of all sizes to enable payments via current account or credit card. There are no monthly fixed costs, only transaction fees apply. You will also receive your money immediately: there are no waiting times for the customer to transfer the amount.

What options does the PayPal business account offer?

If you, as a seller, create a business PayPal account, you can adapt it to your requirements and needs. Regardless of whether you offer your articles irregularly or are expanding your online shop - PayPal helps you to improve your customer ratings and increase sales. PayPal also offers you the option of selling items on a website that does not have a shopping cart function.

STRATO Webshop: Set up PayPal

Integrate a PayPal interface into your shop and enable your customers to pay quickly and easily via the service provider. Before you can offer the payment method on your webshop, you have to activate it. In the administration area of ​​your shop you will find the corresponding options under the category "Payment methods". You select PayPal from the list and verify your account.

You also have the option of the PayPal logo in the design of your shop. This is how you signal to your customers that they can use this payment system. After you have made the settings, save them and set them to "visible". The payment method is now immediately available to your customers.

Mobile shopping with PayPal

If you set up PayPal in your webshop, you will also make it easier for your customers to shop on the go via smartphone and tablet. The online payment system is optimized for smart devices and thus offers the option of paying quickly and easily while on the move. The customer only has to verify himself with his email address for his PayPal account and agree to the transaction. All STRATO webshop tariffs that include the PayPal interface also provide you with a version of your internet shop that is optimized for viewing on mobile devices. This is how you offer your customers one perfectly coordinated service and the highest possible security thanks to PayPal buyer protection.

How does PayPal Buyer Protection work?

If you want to pay via PayPal, make sure that the seller specifies PayPal as the payment method before purchasing. Should it now after your payment z. If, for example, there are delays in delivery, the article is not delivered or the product description deviates significantly from the seller, inform PayPal buyer protection. A claim exists if the item purchased is one material object that can be shipped - not insured are, for example, services, software licenses, downloads, etc.

If the application for PayPal Buyer Protection is successful, you and the seller will be mediated. For this purpose, PayPal can view the data of the transaction and request further background information from you or the payee. If it turns out that the purchase was invalid and you are entitled to a refund, PayPal will initiate the repayment immediately - regardless of whether the original payee has already refunded the amount to PayPal. As a buyer, you are always on the safe side.


  • You can use this payment method as a web shop operator, online retailer and / or private person.
  • If you offer PayPal as an optional payment method in your web shop, both you as the shop owner and your customers benefit from it.
  • When you make a purchase, the money is immediately credited to you - the usual bank working days are no longer necessary.
  • Thanks to the speedy order processing, your customers receive the goods faster - customer satisfaction increases.
  • The PayPal buyer protection and the integration of the PayPal logo on the homepage of your web shop increase customer confidence.
  • PayPal is optimized for mobile devices and therefore offers the option of paying quickly and securely on the go.