What is dental philosophy

Dental philosophy "stepping up a tooth"

In the series "Tooth Philosophy" we look at idioms, myths, philosophical statements on the subject of teeth, mouth, etc.

In idioms / proverbs or fairy tales / legends, traditional life experiences are presented in traditional folk statements or stories relating to behavior, a sequence of behavior or a state. At the core of this dental philosophy are rules of life or wisdom on a specific topic in a concise or clear form, which help us to better understand these topics.

The saying "to put a tooth" comes from the Middle Ages, when warm food was prepared in a pot over an open fire. The pot hung on a rail with several prongs. These prongs were also called teeth. If the food is ready faster, the pot was hung a notch lower to increase the temperature in the pot. So you gave a point or tooth.

A similar principle is still used today when grilling. If you want the grilled food (vegetables, meat, etc.) to be ready faster, move the grate closer to the fire with a "prong".

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