Which board is the best for medicine

Extremity board

The Clinic and Polyclinic for Trauma Surgery of the UKR heads the Trauma Network East Bavaria (TNO). Various clinics from the entire Eastern Bavarian region are combined in this in order to be able to guarantee fast care for seriously injured patients throughout Lower Bavaria and the Upper Palatinate. As part of this cooperation, the extremities board at the UKR is open to all participating hospitals, but also to other resident doctors who would like to present their patients to the multidisciplinary case discussion. The extremities board finds every Tuesday at 3 p.m. in the UKR instead of. Doctors can register their patient cases by calling 0941 944-6805.

Teamwork as a quality feature

The idea of ​​a joint case conference comes from cancer medicine. Tumor boards there, in which representatives of all medical disciplines involved advise on the best therapy option for the patient, have been common practice for some time and are also an established quality feature of oncological centers. For example, weekly tumor conferences are held at the University Cancer Center Regensburg, where each patient is discussed together.

"Even with extremities, optimal treatment is only possible within the framework of an interdisciplinary team," says Professor Alt, because the increasing aging of the population means that bony and soft tissue problems are increasing in the arms and legs. In addition, there are increasingly concomitant diseases such as diabetes, heart failure, dementia or osteoporosis, for which expertise from various specialist areas is required.

Management & Krankenhaus compact, Ortho + Trauma special issue 10/2019