Whose Jennifer Aniston's mother

Interview with Jennifer Aniston "Being a mother is a gift"

By Patrick Heidmann

American actress Jennifer Aniston speaks in an interview about real life and her role in the film "Mother’s Day". When it comes to motherhood, a hint of annoyance flashes across her face.

Los Angeles - Two hours of waiting are not really fun even at the elegant Four Seasons Hotel in Beverly Hills, but Jennifer Aniston is forgiven for any delay. When she shows up, you're in a good mood. The 47-year-old beamed when she was interviewed. Only when the topic of motherhood comes up at the beginning of the conversation does a flicker of annoyance briefly cross her face.

Miss Aniston, in your new film "Mother’s Day - Love Isn't Child's Play" you play a single mother of two boys. Does such a role give you a glimpse into motherhood?
A very small one, maybe. And I've played a lot of mothers in my career, starting with “Friends”. But it's not that these roles have changed my image of motherhood that much or that I have learned anything. After all, I have a great mother myself, my friends have mothers and, above all, many of my friends have long had children of their own. So I have a pretty good impression that being a mother is a very special job. And an incredible gift.
Since you got married in 2015 at the latest, the press is speculating more than ever whether and when you will become a mother yourself.
Tiring, isn't it? All I really want to do is get on with my job, and I'd find it really unfortunate if those rumors distracted from it. There really seem to be a lot of people who are really interested in something like this. If you are an actor and lead a completely unscandalous life, then there are actually no headlines to make. I don't know why someone tries again every week. As if there was nothing more newsworthy in the world.
If not your film children: then what was the challenge with this film?
Oh my god, definitely the scene with the clown! Unfortunately - for reasons that I can no longer fully understand - I am terribly afraid of clowns. And this guy really cost me to overcome.
After all, there was the contrast program in the form of your colleague Julia Roberts.
Although it made me really nervous.
Why is that? You both knew each other before the film.
Yes, for a long time. But we had never worked together before. And she's not just anyone, but Julia Roberts. It's something special to be in front of the camera with someone like you. I was shocked to address her by her real name the first time, even though we were already filming. It's a real shame we didn't have more scenes together. Same goes for Kate Hudson. I've known them for ages, too, for almost 20 years. The fact that I finally had the chance to make a film with these two great colleagues made me really happy. Not to mention Garry Marshall.
. . . the director, who was also responsible for films such as "Pretty Woman" and who died in July at the age of 81.
A very wonderful man. Actually, he was the reason why I accepted this film.
What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think of your mother?
My first thought is always how grateful I am to her. She was a single mother who worked a lot to make life comfortable for us. This was not uncommon in the generation, but still not taken for granted.
Were you a good daughter?
I hope so (laughs). But of course, as a child, I also did things that I'm a little ashamed of. Every now and then, for example, I would steal money from my mother's purse. Only one-dollar bills, but at the time I thought it was a large sum and always felt guilty. Of course, I still spent the money, mostly on video game machines.
As an actress, you are mostly known from comedies. Do you sometimes feel committed to it?
As an actress, of course, you're always quickly pigeonholed. Or a label is stuck on, be it in the media or within the industry. I have often seen directors offering me roles for the same type of woman because they seem to have a very specific image of me in their head. For example, those who do a lot of comedies are just not eligible for dramatic roles for some people.
You have directed two short films. Would you also want to be responsible for a movie as a director?
In any case. Sooner rather than later! I just have to find a suitable script that speaks from my heart. Because what I definitely can't do is write. My husband, on the other hand, is known to be a great screenwriter. He currently has an incredibly good script up his sleeve that we want to bring to the screen together. I'm already really looking forward to working with him.
At 47, you're as good in business as ever. Has the film industry finally understood that it's not just about 30-year-olds?
There is no question that it is getting better - but it has not yet arrived everywhere. Age discrimination is still emerging in our society. “You look great for your age!” I hear something like that over and over again, as if I should have been sitting in the corner long ago. Today I feel fitter, more self-confident and more beautiful than ever. It is not for nothing that they say: The youth are wasted on the youth!
Because you don't appreciate being young?
Especially because when you are young you are not yet smart enough and you do not live your life consciously enough. What you put on your body because you are young and consider yourself invincible! In any case, I was naive enough to believe that burgers, fries and all that other crap wouldn’t harm my health. Which was pretty stupid.
Don't you indulge your sins today?
Oh yes, where are you thinking! Thanksgiving is not my favorite holiday for nothing. Hanging around at home with loved ones all day, eating, taking a nap and then just continuing to eat - I can't imagine anything nicer.