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Adams, Bryan * 1959

Musician, vegan since 1989.

  • I've been a vegetarian for twelve years. And I've never been seriously ill. Vegetarian nutrition strengthens the immune system. I believe meat makes you sick.

Adorno, Theodor W. (1903-1969)

Sociologist, philosopher, music theorist and composer

  • Auschwitz begins where someone stands in the slaughterhouse and says they are only animals.

Aivanhov, Omraam Mikhael (1900-1986)

Bulg. Wisdom scholar

  • Food is a love letter that the Creator writes to us and that we must decipher. In my opinion it is the most powerful and most telling message because it says: "You are loved ..., you are given strength and life."

Alt, Franz * 1938

Journalist, author

  • Human love and love for animals have as much to do with each other as personal peace and political peace.

Anderson, Gillian * 1968


  • Animals can not speak for themselves. And that is why it is so important that we as humans speak out for them and stand up for them.

Andre 3000 * 1975

Singer of the group Outkast

  • His answer to the question of what he would do if he only had one day left to live: “I would probably have a great meal - probably broccoli, because I am a vegetarian. »

Apel, Wolfgang * 1951

Vice President of the German Animal Welfare Association (Bonn)

  • Only when each individual checks his or her attitude towards fellow creatures, does not turn a blind eye out of comfort or fear, opens his heart to other fellow creatures and includes animal and consumer protection arguments, will the goal that we have set ourselves be to abolish state-sanctioned cruelty to animals to be reached - even if only step by step.

Aristotle (-384--322)

Greek philosopher, student of Plato

  • Just as man in his perfection is the noblest of all creatures, so, torn from law and justice, he is the worst of all.

Aurore, Dupin (1804-1876)

Synonym for: George Sand; french Writer, friend of Franz Liszt and Frédéric Chopin

  • It will be a great step forward in the development of our race [it means: the human race] when we become fruit-eaters and the meat-eaters disappear from the earth. Everything becomes possible on our planet from the moment we overcome the bloody meat meals and the war.


Bach, Dr. Edward (1886-1936)

Developed the Bach Flower Therapy

  • Mankind is already deeply indebted to the animal kingdom, whose members have tormented and destroyed it.

Bardot, Brigitte * 1934

French film actress, animal rights activist

  • «Violence is not our business, on the contrary - we fight it with determination. It lies in the ruthless, cruel and everyday exploitation of millions of animals, which are degraded to consumer goods, to tools of research, and whose actual nature as beings capable of suffering is suppressed. "

Barnard, Neal

American scientist for PCRM

  • "We don't think about diet, we don't think about prevention, and we certainly don't think about the ethics of much of what we do in the laboratory"

Basil the Great (329-379)

Father of the Church and Archbishop of Caesarea

  • The body that is weighed down with meat is plagued by diseases, a moderate way of life makes it healthier and stronger and cuts off the roots of the evil. The vapors of meat dishes darken the light of the spirit. One can hardly love virtue when one enjoys meat dishes and feasts. Our table must serve as a memorial to the table of true Christians.

Bebel, August (1840-1913)

German social democrat. Politician, co-founder of the Social Democrats in 1869. Workers' Party.

  • Obviously, to the extent that culture rises, vegetarian food takes the place of meat.

Bentham, Jeremias (1748-1832)

English philosopher and social reformer

  • The question for humans does not have to be: Can animals think? Rather, it has to be: Can animals suffer? But there is probably no dispute about this, and the knowledge of this ability to suffer must therefore be the main thing in every contemplation of the animal soul by man.
  • The day may come when the rest of living creation will acquire those rights that only the hand of tyranny could withhold from them. The French have already discovered that the blackness of the skin is no reason to abandon a human being helplessly to the whim of a tormentor. Perhaps one day it will be recognized that the number of legs, the hairiness of the skin or the end of the sacrum are just as little reasons for leaving a sentient being to this fate. What else should the impassable line constitute? Is it the faculty of the mind or perhaps the faculty of speech? A fully grown horse or dog, however, is far more sensible and communicative than a day or week old, or even a month old. But even if it were different, what would that matter? The question is not: can you think? Can you speak But: can they suffer?


  • You should not kill.
  • [...] Jesus went up to Jerusalem. In the temple he found the sellers of cattle, sheep and pigeons and the money changers who sat there. He made a scourge of ropes and drove them all out of the temple, including the sheep and cattle; He poured out the money from the changers and knocked over their tables.
  • Then Daniel said to the man whom the chamberlain had appointed as overseer for himself and for Hananiah, Mishaël and Azariah: Try it with your servants for ten days! Let's just give plant foods to eat and water to drink! Then compare our appearance with that of the young people who eat of the king's food. Depending on what you see then, proceed with your servants! The guard accepted their suggestion and tried them for ten days. At the end of the ten days they looked better and better fed than all the young people who ate the king's food. So the overseer left their food and the wine they were supposed to drink aside and gave them vegetable food.
  • Wolf and lamb graze together, the lion eats straw like cattle [...]. There is no longer any wrongdoing or crime in all of my holy mountain, says the Lord.
  • Then the wolf lives with the lamb, the panther lies with the goat. Calf and lion graze together, a little boy can look after them. Cow and she-bear become friends, their cubs lie together. The lion eats straw like the ox. The infant plays in front of the snake's loophole, the child stretches his hand into the snake's den. No more evil is done or crime committed in all of my holy mountain; for the land is filled with the knowledge of the Lord, just as the sea is filled with water.
  • Better a dish of vegetables with love than a fattened ox with hatred! Proverbs 15:17
  • And God said, See, I have given you all the seed-bearing plants in all the earth, and all the fruit-bearing trees for your food.
  • The land will give you its fruits, so that you can eat your fill. Whoever kills an ox is just as he kills a man - Isaiah 66/3 I hereby give you all the plants in the whole earth that bear seeds, and all the trees with seeds containing fruits. They should serve you as nourishment. Genisis 1:29
  • You lie on ivory beds and lounge on your cushions. To eat, you get lambs from the herd and fattening calves from the barn. You roar to the sound of the harp, you want to invent songs like David. You drink the wine from large tankards, you anoint yourselves with the finest oil and do not worry about the downfall of Joseph. That is why they must now be exiled, first and foremost. The festival of idlers is now over.

Bircher-Benner, Max Oskar (1867-1939)

Swiss doctor, founder of modern vegetarian nutrition therapy

  • The more space the meat diet and the stimulants occupy in the diet, the less the achievements, virtue and physical strength of a people become. But in those peoples who stick to an exclusively or predominantly vegetable diet, a surprising power of development lies dormant ... The effect of the food extends not only to the individual, but to the series of generations.
  • We doctors are only very inadequately trained at the university about the causes of illness. This is especially true in the field of nutrition.
  • Nutrition is not the highest, but it is the soil on which the highest can flourish or perish.

Blöchlinger, Erica Kalika

  • What kind of animal lovers and animal rights activists are they who lock up, hunt or fatten their protégés in order to then murder and eat them?

Braun, Reinhold

  • Slaughterhouses are plague ulcers on the body of humanity. All misery comes from this disease!

Brecht, Bertolt (1898-1956)

  • What disease could be as dangerous as humans are?

Bruker, Dr. med. M. O. (1909-2001)

Doctor for internal medicine and founder of the GGB

  • In the university education of medical professionals, knowledge of the connections between malnutrition and the diseases that result from it is excluded. This scandalous grievance has not been remedied to this day.
  • We doctors are not trained in the connections between diet and illness at the university. That sounds incredible, but it's true.

Buddha, Gautama (-560-480)

  • May beings all live happily, and may evil strike no one. May our whole life be of help to others! Every being shuns torment and everyone is dear to their life. Know yourself in every being and do not torment or kill.

Busch, Wilhelm (1832-1908)

German poet and draftsman

  • Until further notice The knife flashes, the pigs scream, You just have to use them, Because everyone thinks "Why the pig, if we don't plaster it?" And everyone smiles, everyone gnaws like the cannibals, Until one day you will "Ugh, devil!" says Zum Schinken from Westphalia.
  • With all creatures I am in the most beautiful soul harmony. We are related, I feel it deeply, and that's why I love her.
  • True human culture only exists when not only cannibalism, but every kind of meat consumption is considered cannibalism.


Canetti, Elias (1905-1994)

Nobel Prize in Literature 1981

  • “It pains me that there will never be an uprising of animals against us, of patient animals, cows, sheep, all the cattle that has been put into our hands and cannot escape it. I imagine a rebellion breaking out in a slaughterhouse and pouring out over an entire city. "

Carpenter, Edward

  • Holding an animal so that it can be eaten is treason.

Chiarenza, Cinzia * 1968

Overall Miss Universe en bodybuilding 2007

  • “Humans don't just have a body to simply stuff them with all kinds of edibles. Humans are thinking beings whose brain, like every other part of the body, needs to be supplied with essential nutrients. "

Chrysostom, John (344-407)

Greek church writer, saint

  • No rivers of blood flow here, no meat is slaughtered and chopped up, tasty food and heavy heads are unknown to these monks.


  • I do not ask you to spare me when you are in need, only when you have wicked desires. Kill me to eat, but don't kill me to eat better!


da Vinci, Leonardo (1452-1519)

Italian universal genius

  • I gave up eating meat as a young man, and the time will come when people like me will look at animal killers with the same eyes as I do now at human killers.
  • Verily man is the king of all animals, for his cruelty surpasses theirs. We live on the death of others. We are walking tombs!
  • There will come a day when people will judge the killing of an animal just as they judge a person today. The time will come when we will condemn the eating of animals just as we condemn the eating of our own kind today, cannibalism.
  • You called man the king of beasts - but I would say: king of the beasts of prey, of which you are the greatest; for did you not kill them so that they might serve you to please the palate, whereby you make yourself the burial of all animals? Doesn't nature produce enough vegetables to satisfy you?

Dahlke, Rüdiger * 1951

Doctor, psychotherapist and author. Became a vegetarian at the age of 23.

  • Personally, I have been giving up meat and participating in flu waves for 35 years.

Darwin, Charles (1809-1882)

Brit. Naturalist

  • We do not love to consider animals that we have made our slaves as equals.
  • Like humans, animals feel joy and pain, happiness and unhappiness.

Degenhardt, Franz Josef * 1931

German poet, folk singer and attorney with a doctorate

  • You ate conspecifics, even the lovable pig, but you didn't eat those who could walk upright - you dug them in!

Deschner, Karlheinz * 1924

Writer, philosopher, Dr. phil, church critic.

  • Whoever eats animals stands under the animal.
  • Moral concerns about roast veal? Not on the part of the educators. Not on the part of jurisprudence. Not on the part of moral theology. Not from a thousand other moral sides. Of the calf's, perhaps?
  • The menu - the bloodiest piece of paper we write.
  • Meat doesn't make food worse, but it does the eater.
  • A society that can cope with slaughterhouses and battlefields is itself ready for slaughter.
  • In relation to animals, humans are habitual criminals.
  • Doesn't a human race that kills trillions of animals deserve what it does to animals?
  • Animal lovers: first stroke the lamb, then roast lamb; first molest the angler, then blue trout. Hunters don't like: - Game!

Diamond, H.

  • Humans do not have a single anatomical requirement that indicates that we are made to consume meat.

Diderot, Denis (1713-1784)

french Encyclopedist

  • Isn't there food without which blood is needed? Doesn't it mean to encourage cruelty to people if they are allowed to stab animals in the hearts of animals?

Dostoevsky (1821-1881)

  • Love animals, love all plants and all things! If you love everything, the mystery of God will be revealed to you in all things, and you will finally embrace all the world with love!

Drewermann, Eugen * 1940

Theologian, philosopher, priest, psychotherapist

  • Also remember our older sisters and brothers, the animals. Forbid humans to kill animals in order to eat them. Because they too are sentient beings, the longing for life resides in them too; they are our companions on the common path to immortality. As long as people still kill animals, they will also wage wars. As long as people eat animals, they will torture their innocent victims to death: by the hundreds of thousands in laboratories and mass breeding establishments, by the millions in the slaughterhouses of cities, by the myriads in the oceans. Your bloodstream must no longer serve as food, your body no longer as raw material, your life no longer as food for us humans. Forbid us, Lord, the daily flesh. Give us today the daily bread.


Edison, Thomas Alva (1847-1931)

US inventor, over 2000 patents pending, including Lightbulb, microphone.

  • I'm both a vegetarian and a passionate anti-alcoholic because it allows me to make better use of my brain.

Ehret, Arnold Prof. * 1866

  • I have shown what man was like when he lived without "burnt" food - during prehistoric times (called paradise) when he ate fruit, the "bread of heaven".

Einstein, Albert (1879-1955)

Developed the theory of relativity. Nobel Prize in Physics 1921 (for the explanation of the photoelectric effect on which today's solar cells are based)

  • Nothing will increase the chance of survival on earth like the move to a vegetarian diet.
  • So I live fat-free, meat-free, fish-free, but I feel very comfortable with it. It almost seems to me that humans were not even born as predators.
  • Purely through its physical effect on the human temperament, the vegetarian way of life could have an extremely positive influence on the fate of humanity.
  • I always ate the animal corpses with a bit of guilty conscience.

Emerson, Ralph Waldo (1803-1882)

US writer and politician

  • You have just had lunch; and however carefully the slaughterhouse may be hidden at a tactful distance of a few or many kilometers, you are complicit.

Study Commission

Investigation commission of the German Bundestag for the protection of the earth's atmosphere.

  • In relation to the climate impact, the meat-containing component (e.g. meatball) has 13 times the amount of CO2 equivalents compared to the meat-free component (e.g. cereal patties).
  • By reducing meat consumption to a level that is also beneficial to health, a quarter or more of climate-relevant emissions could be avoided. The transition to a more plant-based diet thus opens up by far the greatest potential for savings (up to 100 million tonnes of CO2 equivalents) in the food system. In addition, the economic follow-up costs of nutrition-related diseases (50 billion DM / year) would be reduced considerably.


Fischer, O. W. (1915-2004)

Private scholar

  • Why I don't eat brothers - just for the sake of family, that's all. Shame has to start somewhere.

Forster, Marc * 1969


  • I don't eat fish or meat. An animal had fears, emotions and vibrations when it was slaughtered. Our bodies are so sensitive that they absorb it with food. I do believe that everything we ingest affects us very strongly.

Förster, Paul (1844-1925)

Politician and author

  • The right of animals has always been recognized by all higher peoples and humans. The protection of the animal is a moral duty for them. It is precisely the strong, creative spirits who have always committed themselves to this, people of wise advice and courageous action, of warm disposition: the full and noble people.

Frank, Franz (1897-1986)

Painter and graphic artist

  • Take care of all animals where you only see them suffer, where an injustice is being done to them! Get over the insults and ridicule that you have to endure for it!

Francis of Assisi (1182-1226)

Saint, founder of the Franciscan Order

  • God desires that we stand by animals when they need help. Every being in distress has the same right to protection.
  • All creatures on earth feel like we do, all creatures strive for happiness like us. All creatures of the earth love, suffer and die as we do, so they are works of the almighty Creator placed on a par with us - our brothers.
  • All structures of creation are children of the one father and therefore brothers.

Freud, Sigmund (1856-1939)

Austrian doctor and psychologist

  • I prefer animal company to human company. Certainly a wild animal is cruel. But meanness is the prerogative of civilized man.
  • The priest will never admit the essential equality of human and animal, since he cannot do without the immortal soul, which he needs to justify the moral requirement.

Frederick the Great (1712-1786)

King of Prussia

  • I believe a person who can be indifferent to a loyal animal will not be more grateful to his or her kind, and when given a choice, it is better to be too sensitive than too tough.


Gandhi, Mahatma (1869-1948)

Leader of the ind. Self-employment movement, Nobel Prize 1913

  • The size and moral progress of a nation can be measured by how it treats animals.
  • I believe that at some point spiritual advancement requires us to stop killing our fellow beings in order to satisfy our physical desires.
  • To me, the life of a lamb is no less precious than the life of a human. And I would never want to take the life of a lamb for the sake of the human body. The more helpless a living being is, the greater its claim to human protection from human cruelty.
  • The earth has enough for everyone's needs, but not for their greed.
  • Vivisection is the blackest of all black crimes that man is guilty of today.
  • I deeply feel that at a certain stage spiritual growth commands us to stop slaughtering our fellow creatures for the satisfaction of our bodily needs.

Giri, Vekanta (1894-1980)

Indian President

  • I am one of those who are convinced that vegetables, fruits and dairy products remain the healthiest and most natural food for humans and that the vegetarian diet ensures a simple life and lofty thinking.

Goethe, Johann Wolfgang von (1749-1832)

German poet

  • The religious fear of what is among us naturally also includes the animal world and imposes the duty on man to honor and protect the creatures that arise beneath him.

Goltz, Bogumil (1801-1870)


  • It is an unfathomable secret with animals, their determinations and their relationship to humans, and so much even the sober mind and understanding understand that humans are not entitled to regard animals as a mere means for their own existence. It is a blatant injustice that the so-called rational creature does to the "unreasonable" creatures.

Gore, Martin * 1961


  • Meat - no thanks. My love for animals and nature forbids me to eat animals and their meat. I've had this conviction for more than ten years.

Gorki, Maxim (1868-1936)

Russian writer.

  • After some conversations with people, you have the desire to stroke a dog, smile at a monkey and take off your hat to an elephant.

Görres, Joseph von (1776-1848)

Catholic romantic, writer.

  • Those who want to go beyond ordinary life shy away from bloody food and do not choose death as their master.

Gregory, Dick * 1932

Author, activist, philosopher, comedian, actor, nutritionist, anti-drug fighter

  • "Animals and humans suffer and die the same. Violence causes the same pain, the same bloodshed, the same smell of death, the same arrogance, cruelty and brutal obliteration of life."

Grzimek, Bernhard (1909-1987)

German zoologist, animal filmmaker, author "Serengeti must not die"

  • The Düsseldorf Higher Regional Court dismissed an egg industrialist's lawsuit against me, according to which I should be forbidden from designating the battery chickens kept in narrow cages without daylight as concentration camp chickens. Former concentration camp inmates, Church President Martin Niemöller and engine inventor Dr. Wankel expressly approved.


Hagen, Nina * 1955

Singer eats fish!

  • When my son Otis was served meat on the plane recently, he complained: "Uh, that stinks." Cooked meat really stinks. I haven't consumed anything since 1983.

Haller, Albrecht von (1708-1777)

Swiss polymath, doctor and writer

  • The meatless diet fully nourishes a person, prolongs his life, and cures or prevents diseases which we attribute to the sharpness or impurity of the blood.

Hartnett, Joshua Daniel (Josh) * 1978

US actor No longer a vegetarian, the doctor has prescribed meat for him because of anemia.

  • “When I was twelve I stopped eating meat. One day I had to gouge a chicken for my mother, and in the process I cut into a lump. The blood spurted everywhere. That was enough for me. "

Hebbel, Friedrich (1813-1863)


  • Mankind does not allow itself to be taken from errors that benefit it.

Hedin, Sven (1865-1952)

Swedish Asian explorer

  • I have never been able to win over myself to extinguish a light of life that I lack the power to light again.

Heuss, Theodor (1884-1963)

German politician

  • The earlier our youth learns to regard any brutality towards animals as reprehensible, the more they ensure that playing and dealing with animals does not become torture, the clearer their ability to differentiate between what is law and what is right in the world of the great Is wrong.

Jerome (331-420)

Jerome of Bethlehem; Holy Father of the Church.

  • The use of wine [all alcoholism] began with eating meat after the Flood. The consumption of animal meat was unknown until the Flood - but since the Flood the fibers and the foul-smelling juices of animal meat have been stuffed into our mouths like quails were thrown to the grumbling, sensual people in the desert. Jesus Christ, who appeared when the time was fulfilled, linked the end with the beginning again [Genesis 1:29] so that we are no longer allowed to eat animal meat ...
  • cibi innocentes, innocent foods, are foods that are obtained without bloodshed.


  • Personally killing living beings, letting others kill them, and encouraging killing are the three main forms of violent killing. Those who buy, eat or cook meat are also called guilty.

Hippocrates (-460--370)


  • The people got a lot of serious complaints from the heavy animal diet .... for this reason, I believe, they also looked for a diet that was appropriate to their nature and found it, which we now eat. Let the food be our remedies and the remedies our food. When it comes to food, everything depends on the success of the user. Some of the things that are considered nutritious do not, in many cases, have this effect and vice versa. It is well done to carefully guide the healthy so that they do not get sick.

Holler, Wilhelm

  • I am grateful that God let me wake up and recognize, if he had let me sleep further, I would still eat the animals of our fellow creatures today. Even if we are shaped by our society, the divine disposition of all living beings gave us the most understanding. We should use it to act independently and not get carried away by the social vortex. The latter leads others to think for us.

Holzer-Sprenger, Marie-Luise

Author of: Nature: Your earthly source of life, raw vegetarian food - the alternative

  • Meat is a piece of life force as long as it lives.

Horace (-65--8)

Quin. Horatius, classical poet of Rome

  • Dare to be wise! Stop killing animals! Anyone who postpones the hour of the right life is only like the peasant who waits for the river to dry up before he crosses it.

Hugo, Victor (1802-1885)

  • Nothing in the world is as powerful as an idea whose time has come.

Humboldt, Alexander von (1769-1859)

Founder of scientific geography

  • The same stretch of land, which as meadow, i.e. as fodder, feeds ten people with the meat of the second-hand animals fattened on it, is able to maintain and feed a hundred people when cultivated with millet, peas, lentils and barley.
  • In relation to the beast, all peoples today are more or less barbarians. It is untrue and grotesque when they emphasize their supposed high culture at every opportunity and thereby commit the most hideous cruelties to millions of defenseless creatures every day or at least allow them to be indifferent. Can we be surprised that these so-called civilized peoples are increasingly heading towards a terrible path of decline?
  • Where one hunter lives there can be ten shepherds, a hundred farmers and a thousand gardeners.
  • Cruelty to animals cannot exist with true education or true learning. It is one of the most characteristic vices of an inferior and ignoble people.

Huxley, Aldous (1894-1963)


  • Medical science has made such tremendous advances in the past few decades that there are practically no healthy people left.




  • God appears in everything: in stone he sleeps, in plants he dreams, in animals he awakens and in humans he is awake.


Jackson, Michael * 1958


  • I own a lot of animals myself and love them so much, then how can I eat their meat? I haven't touched a bite of meat since I was 20 years old.


  • There are supposed to be students and scientists who, each individually, have dissected many thousands of animals alive without anesthetizing them, only to paralyze them. A god did not intervene. Laws have not been made against the wicked. Priests did not speak against it from the pulpit (they always only talk about the unimportant sins). There is no prohibition of cruelty to animals in the supposedly inspired canonical books.

Jefferson, Thomas (1743-1826)

President of the USA 1801-1809

  • I fear for the human race when I think about God being righteous.

Jerzy Lec, Stanislaw (1909-1966)


  • Insomnia - a disease of an era in which people are ordered to close their eyes to many facts.


Kafka, Franz (1883-1924)


  • Now I can look at you in peace; I don't eat you anymore. (When viewing fish in an aquarium)

Kant, Immanuel (1724-1804)

German Philosph

  • Cruelty to animals is opposed to man's duty to himself.
  • Of all ways of life, the hunting life is undoubtedly the most contrary to the moral constitution; Initially, the Noachian prohibition of blood seems to have been nothing more than the prohibition of the hunter's life.

Kaplan, Helmut * 1952

Author, philosopher

  • We don't need a new morality for animals. We just have to stop arbitrarily excluding animals from existing morals.
  • So when we liberate the animals or fight for them, we do so without need, without pressure, without fear of being “accused” or “punished” by the animals one day. We act from "pure", selfless, moral motives.

Kessler, Erwin * 1944

President of the Association against Animal Factories Switzerland (VgT)

  • The farm animals are treated so ruthlessly and cruelly that eating meat and dairy products means engaging in a terrible crime.
  • A “progressive” animal welfare law will reassure the public, while a refined non-enforcement will ensure that it has no impact on existing practice.
  • Literally walking over dead bodies for convenience and throwaway luxury.

Kollaritsch, Prof. Dr. Herwig

The Austrian head of the Department for Specific Prophylaxis and Tropical Medicine, Vienna

  • Medicine in general is not an exact science.

Kollath, Werner (1892-1970)

Doctor, researcher, nutritionist

  • Let our food be as natural as possible! That even the most highly developed and refined technology cannot produce life from the totem. Our knowledge cannot help us, but our conscience can.

Kyber, Manfred (1880-1933)


  • Vivisection is the greatest and meanest cultural disgrace of the present; it is morally and intellectually equal to the delusional delusion of the witch trials, and no people who tolerate it have a right to call themselves a civilized people.
  • “By the way, we don't need as many articles made of animal materials in other areas either. Here, too, one should always consider whether a different material might not be more tasteful and more suitable than leather in individual cases. Only, like all considerations, you should do this yourself, and not leave it to those who make money out of it. Here too, luxury in the wrong sense and silly fashions play a role. "
  • “This brings me to the valuation of the hunt as a pleasure, as it is still valid in large circles today. And it is not only practiced by many as a pleasure, it is also referred to as a "noble" pleasure in a language that is as old as it is stupid. There is actually nothing noble about hunting, because there is never anything noble about killing creatures. This linguistic usage, whose intellectual level is that of club celebrations, is similar nonsense to the glorification of war, which is described as "happy". [...] "
  • "One should look at the world and its current customs and habits as if one were seeing it for the first time, as if one were not entangled in its inhibitions and wrong turns. One will then have to admit that eating meat, i.e. the consumption of creatures that are closely related to us Cannibalism is that something is wrong here too and that Western civilization is subhuman in this regard. [...] The meatless diet is the diet of people not in the distant but in the near future. It is impossible that so much meat to bring on the market than this ever-growing crowd demands. [...]
  • Most people believe that there is an abyss between them and the animals. It is only one step in the wheel of life. Because we are all children of a unit.
  • The killing itself is brutalized, as is the indifference to the torture of the animals, and the consumption of meat itself makes it more plump and raw, quite apart from the fact that consumption of meat is usually associated with alcohol consumption. Alcohol and meat consumption pull people down and make them insensitive to the finer vibrations of existence in the cosmic and in themselves.
  • “[…] Mankind will either predominantly switch to a meatless diet or they will kill each other to a cannibalism that can no longer be satisfied. The solution to the social question actually lies in the meatless diet. No people can get full if they want to eat three times what they need for a decent and mentally and physically healthy diet. [...]


Lamartine, Alphonse de (1790-1869)

French poet and politician

  • We do not have two hearts - one for animals and one for people.In the use of violence against the former and the use of violence against the latter, there is no difference other than that of the victim.


approx. 3 - 4 century BC Chr., Chinese philosopher

  • Be good to people, plants and animals! Do not hunt people or animals, nor cause them harm!

Lec, S.T.


  • Man, as the crown of creation, has become its crown of thorns.

Lehmann, Arthur Heinz

  • See, that's how hard it is to love horses, but maybe God gave them a shorter life because they deserve heaven more than we do.

Lewis, Leona * 1985


  • I'm a vegetarian. I think animals deserve better than to be eaten by us.

Lichtenberg, Georg Christoph (1742-1799)

German aphorist and natural scientist

  • That man is the noblest of all creatures can be seen from the fact that no other creature has yet contradicted him.

Lincoln, Abraham (1809-1865)

16th President of the USA

  • I am for animal rights as well as human rights. Because that is what defines the whole person.
  • I don't care much about the religion of a man whose dog or cat it doesn't mean anything good.

Luxemburg, Rosa * 1871


  • A world must be overturned, but every tear that has shed when it could be wiped away is an indictment, and a rushing man who, with gross negligence, crushes a worm, commits a crime.


Martin, Chris * 1977

Singer of the group Coldplay

  • "The ideal world is without weapons and vegetarian."

Maucher, Helmut * 1928

Nestlé boss

  • Everything that comes directly from the field has a future. We cannot feed humanity with nothing but products that go through the animal. This is an insane waste of energy and raw materials and pollutes the environment. [...] The trend towards vegetarian food is unstoppable. Perhaps in a hundred years no one will eat meat anymore.

McCartney, Paul (+ Linda) * 1942

Singer, former Beatles guitarist

  • I believe in peaceful protest, and not eating animals is a non-violent protest.
  • One must not eat what has a face.
  • We became almost vegetarians when we ate our Sunday roast on a Scottish farm and watched the lambs play happily. Suddenly we realized that we were eating one of those lambs. After that we only ate sausage now and then. Later, on a vacation in Barbados, we drove after a truck full of gorgeous chickens. Suddenly he disappeared into a chicken processing factory. Since then we have not eaten anything that has to be killed beforehand.
  • "If the walls of the slaughterhouses were made of glass, everyone would become a vegetarian."

Meadows, Dennis L. * 1942

Futurologist, co-author of: The Limits to Growth

  • Meat eaters are part of a horrific system of animal exploitation.

Moeller, Michael Lukas * 1937

Prof. Dr. med. Psychoanalyst and author

  • Your daily food is practically the most important drug.
  • Like almost all of my medical colleagues, I was a layperson when it came to nutrition. I am almost ashamed of a medicine that I have learned without having a whiff of the nutritional knowledge on which the simplest and most effective prevention of most diseases today could be based.

Mohammed, (Abu I-Kasim) (570-632)

Founder of Islam

  • There is no animal on earth, no bird that flies on its two wings, the communities are not like you. We have left nothing out of the book. They are then to be gathered to their Lord.

Mohr, Hans * 1930

Professor of Biologist, Subject: "Nitrate Assimilation"

  • An essential finding from ten years of forest damage research is that the atmospheric input of nitrogen and in particular of ammonium nitrogen, which primarily comes from agriculture, must be reduced.

Morgenstern, Christian (1871-1914)


  • If modern man had to kill himself the animals he uses for food, the number of plant eaters would increase immeasurably.
  • There are people who always feel attacked when someone tells the truth.
  • I was in the garden where they keep all the animals captive; Many seemed happy, lively games in cheerful kennels. But others had eyes, dead, bulls! A silver fox, a marvelous creature, looked at me constantly with quiet eyes; He seemed so wise to go into his lot; But I could read inside him. And others I saw with similar expressions, And others restless behind rigid bars ... I felt myself tremble with wonderful love, And my soul became one with them.

Müller, Paul Jakob (Paolo) (1894-1982)

Painter from Bremgarten near Bern.

  • "It is not genius or the greater or lesser dexterity of the hand that defines the artist, but humility in the face of creation, the renunciation of all domination except self-control."


Navratilova, Martina * 1956

Tennis player

  • “We have a choice - we don't necessarily have to eat meat. A vegetarian way of life is a healthy way for us humans, it helps our planet and saves many animals. "

Nazianz, Gregor von (330-390)

Church father of Cappadocia

  • The indulgence in meat dishes is a shameful injustice, and I wish that you may strive above all else to give your soul a nourishment that has eternal duration.

Nelson, Leonard (1882-1927)

Philosopher from Göttingen

  • How far it recognizes the rights of animals is the most unmistakable measure of the honesty of the spirit of a society. Because while people can, if necessary, where they are too weak as individuals to exercise their rights, through coalitions, through language, can gradually enforce their rights, the possibility of such self-help is denied to the animals, and that is the only thing left to do It is up to human justice to determine how far they want to respect the rights of animals of their own accord.

Ney, Prof. Elly (1882-1968)

Pianist vegetarianism yesterday and today, Hans Baumgart, Ritterhude: Waldthausen, 1988, p. 27. Quoted in: Why I am a vegetarian, H. Kaplan, Rowohlt-Tb

  • Vegetarianism has been an inner concern of mine for decades, and I consider it to be the natural way of life for humans [...] It is incomprehensible to me that not every animal lover is also a vegetarian.

Niemöller, Martin (1892-1984)

German theologian and former concentration camp prisoner

  • I remember that during a vacation in 1967 in the Russian forest near Cavidovo I saw and visited such a 'chicken factory' for the first time and that my first impression - and it never changed later - was: it must be for the poor Animals are worse than what we had to endure in the concentration camp for years!

Nietzsche, Friedrich (1844-1900)

German philosopher

  • All ancient philosophy was aimed at the simplicity of life and taught a certain lack of need. In this regard, the few philosophical vegetarians have done more for people than all new philosophers, and as long as the philosophers do not gain the courage to look for a completely changed way of life and to demonstrate it by example, it is nothing with them.
  • Common sense begins in the kitchen.

Nosbusch, Désirée * 1965

Actress and TV presenter from Luxembourg

  • I don't wear fur coats because I don't want animals to die because of me. So it's only logical that I don't eat meat either.


Otto, Berthold (1859-1933)

German reform pedagogue

  • The same acquired spiritual arrogance, which makes most people incapable of recognizing the spiritual life of animals, blinds most educators to the impulses of the divine spirit in children.

Ovid (-43-18)

Publ. Ovidius N .; Roman philosopher, poet

  • The age we have named the golden was blessed with the fruits of the trees and the herbs that the earth produces, and the mouths of men were not stained with blood. At that time the birds moved their wings safely in the air, and the hare roamed the open field without fear. At that time the fish did not become the innocent victim of man. Every place was without betrayal; there was no injustice - everything was filled with peace. In later ages a mischief maker reviled and despised this pure, simple food and sunk food derived from corpses in his voracious paunch. At the same time he opened the way to wickedness.


Pope, John Paul II (1920-2005)

Head of the Roman Catholic Church.

  • It is certain that animals were created for the benefit of man; this means that they can also be used for experiments.

Paracelsus (1493-1541)

Doctor, natural scientist and philosopher

  • Every country produces everything that is needed as food and medicine for its inhabitants. Cabbage: Among the herbs, it is the noblest that is eaten.

Pasternak, Boris (1890-1960)

Russian writer

  • Whoever seeks the truth must remain alone and break with all those who do not love it enough.

Paul, Jean (1763-1825)

German poet

  • Righteous god! From how many hours of torture of animals a person soldered a single minute of feast for his tongue!

Pilgrim, Volker Elis * 1942


  • The meat we eat is a corpse that is at least two to five days old.

Pitman, Sir Isaac * 1813

Inventor of the engl. shorthand

  • One reason for vegetarianism should be cited more than is usually done. I mean the appeal to the moral consciousness that we must not allow representatives to do what we would not do ourselves. I have no moral objection to cleaning my boots, dusting my table or even sweeping my office. My feeling would not be hurt by doing this and a hundred other handicrafts. But I couldn't knock down an ox, not a sheep, especially not slaughter a lamb, or turn the neck of a poultry. If I cannot do this without hurting my best feelings, I refuse to let another person do it for me with hurting their feelings. If no other reason spoke in favor of our association, this one would suffice to induce me to adopt the meatless diet. Sir Isaac Pitman to the Vegetarian Society Manchester in 1875.


Roman writer

  • You should rather stick to the healthy cabbage and porridge than to pheasants and guinea fowl.

Plutarch (45-125)

Greek philosopher and writer

  • Human beings should never forget themselves so far and treat living creatures like old shoes and worn-out dead implements, which they may throw away when they are no longer usable. We should not do it, and never ask ourselves about the use of old living beings, which they have only weakly or no longer at all. We should keep them, even if only to learn from them mercy towards people. I would not be able to sell an old horse or an old ox that once troubled me ...
  • Can you really ask why Pythagoras abstained from eating meat? For my part, I wonder under what circumstances and in what state of mind a person first brought himself to touch blood with his mouth, to lead his lips to the flesh of a carcass and to adorn his table with dead, decaying bodies, and it then took the liberty of calling the parts that had just roared and screamed, moved and lived, food. It is certainly not about lions and wolves that we eat for self-protection - on the contrary, we pay no attention to these animals; rather, we slaughter harmless, tame creatures without spikes or teeth that could not harm us anyway. For the sake of the flesh, we rob them of the sun, light, and longevity that are due to them from birth. If you want to claim that nature has provided such food for you, then kill yourself what you intend to eat - but with your natural means, not with the help of a butcher's knife, a club or an ax.
  • For a small piece of meat, we take away the soul, sunlight and life from the animals, for which they were created and are naturally there.

Porphyry from Syria (233-304)

Pupil of Plotinus; Neoplatonic philosopher

  • If everyone were nobly minded, we would not need any bird catchers, fishermen or sow herders.

Prasad, Rajendra Dr. (1884-1963)

Indian President

  • I hardly believe that any other country has such a large number of vegetarians in its population and has abstained from meat diets for generations, not only because they were thought to be unsuitable for humans, but because they were actually considered to be unsuitable for humans regarded as harmful to mental development!

Prescott, William

  • The more worthy a people is, the more noble they are towards the weaker, more chivalrous towards women, more merciful towards animals.

Prince Max of Saxony (1870-1951)

cath. Theology professor

  • The aim should not be to achieve a mild form of slaughter, but to eliminate it. The more one tries to make the slaughter 'humane', the more one strengthens the cause of the butcher's shop itself. A really consistent point of view of animal welfare will only be achieved when mankind has decided to give up killing and eating animals.

Pythagoras (-582--496)

Greek philosopher and mathematician

  • Whoever cuts the throat of a cattle with a knife and remains deaf when the fear roars, who can cold-bloodedly slaughter the screaming goat and eat the bird to which he has served the food himself - how far is such a bird from the crime?
  • Everything that humans do to animals comes back to humans.



Rieden, Karin * 1948

Professor and Radiologist. From 2001 to 2006 Deputy Federal Chairwoman of the Animal Welfare Party.

  • "The safest alternative against BSE is a vegetarian or even vegan diet and the more so, the longer someone has been consistently vegetarian."

Rinser, Luise

  • It is the anonymity of our animal sacrifices that makes us deaf to their screams.
  • It will take a long time until mankind has understood that not only the peoples of the earth are one people, but that people, plants and animals are together ´Real Kingdom of God´ and that the fate of one area is also the fate of the other.
  • Today we see nothing of the agonizing life and death of the slaughtered cattle. It happens automatically. Just one more animal, the next moment already cut up meat: our food. Our kind of cannibalism.

Robbins, John

  • We live in an odd age when people who are health conscious and compassionate in their food choices are often referred to as insane, while others are considered normal whose diets cause disease and immense suffering. "

Rolland, Romain (1866-1944)

french Poet; Nobel Prize 1915

  • The cruelty towards animals and the indifference to their suffering is, in my opinion, one of the most serious sins of the human race. It is the basis of human depravity. If man creates so much suffering, what right does he have to complain when he is also suffering?

Rosegger, Peter (1843-1918)


  • The animal has a feeling heart like you, The animal has joy and pain like you, The animal has a tendency to strive like you, The animal has a right to live like you.

Roth, Eugen (1895-1976)

German writer

  • Science is and remains what one writes off of another.
  • Man thinks, contentedly, happy: I am no butcher, bloody raw; but since man does not despise sausages, he is complicit in the butcher.

Rousseau, Jean Jaques (1712-1778)

French-Swiss. Philosopher, educator, writer and musicologist

  • Proof that the taste of meat foods is not natural to humans is that the children have an aversion to such foods and prefer plant foods such as dairy foods, pastries, fruit and the like. It is most important not to spoil this original and natural taste and not to turn the children into meat eaters. For however one may explain the facts, it is certain that the strong meat-eaters are generally more cruel and wilder than other people.


Sai Baba, Sathya * 1926

Indian saint and world teacher

  • Eating meat is a great sin: Firstly, a highly developed animal is killed for it, which in large measure violates the law of non-violence. Second, the consumption of meat always leads to an increase in the aggressive potential that is latent in every person. This, combined with the corresponding negative ideology, inevitably leads to conflicts.
  • Christ did not eat meat. He was too connected to all living things to be able to do it. It completely contradicts the message of love that he taught.
  • Celebrating Easter and eating lamb is like celebrating the fire brigade by burning down a house, or the water watch by sinking a ship.So dissolve the idea of ​​celebrating Easter by eating lamb or other meat. It would be a stab in Christ's heart. Rather, strive to strive after it on this feast day and develop respect and deep love for all creatures. Then Easter is really a feast day that is worth celebrating.
  • A people who take vegetarian cuisine for granted are highly developed.
  • Whoever eats meat develops animal characteristics and suffering. In addition, he does not get beyond a certain level in his spiritual development. If someone claims otherwise, he only shows that he does not know the big picture. Viewed from this perspective, the culture of a people is particularly expressed in its cuisine.
  • Always remember: you become what you eat. So many substances get into your body through food that it amazes me that countless people care so little about what they eat.


Author of Queen Mab

  • With all that is sacred in our hopes for the human race, I implore those who desire the welfare of mankind and love the truth to impartially examine the vegetarian teachings. Preface to "Queen Mab"

Locksmith, Julie

  • Christians proclaim redemption from fear. Can they do that if they don't do anything themselves to redeem other beings from their terrible fear of people?

Schopenhauer, Arthur (1788-1860)

German philosopher

  • Another fundamental error of Christianity, which cannot be explained away and its hopeless consequences daily manifest, is that it has unnaturally torn people away from the animal world, to which they essentially belong, and only wants to allow them to count for themselves, regarding animals as things. The important role which animals play throughout Brahmanism and Buddhaism, compared with the total nullity in Christianity, breaks the rod of this latter; as much as one may be used to such absurdity in Europe.
  • The supposed lawlessness of animals, the delusion that our actions against them are without moral significance, or, as it is said in the language of that morality, that there are no duties towards animals, is downright an outrageous rudeness and barbarism of the Occident, its source lies in Judaism.
  • Compassion is the basis of morality.
  • The supposed lack of rights of animals, the delusion that our actions against them are of no moral significance, that there are no obligations towards animals, is downright an outrageous brutality and barbarism. Only when that simple and beyond all doubt truth that animals are in the main and essentially exactly the same as us has penetrated the people will the animals no longer appear as beings without rights. It is time that the eternal being, which lives in us, also in all animals, is recognized as such, is spared and respected.
  • Anyone who is cruel to animals cannot be a good person.
  • Christian morality has restricted its rules entirely to humans, leaving the entire animal world without rights. Just see how our Christian mob treats the animals, killing them completely uselessly and laughing, or mutilating them, or torturing them, exerting their horses to the utmost in old age to work the last marrow out of their poor bones until they are under his Succumb to strokes. One would really like to say: people are the devils of the earth and animals are their troubled souls.
  • The world is not a work and the animals are not a product for our use. We owe animals not mercy, but justice.

Schurz, Carl (1829-1906)

americ. Politician

  • Ideals are like stars: you cannot reach them, but you can orientate yourself according to them.

Schwantje, Magnus (1877-1959)

Animal rights activist, pacifist, author.

  • I am not saying that everyone who lives vegetarian is just, but that everyone who does not live vegetarian is acting unfairly as a result.
  • Even if we couldn't hope that all people would ever switch to the vegetarian way of life, nobody would have the right to eat meat because of it. An injustice remains an injustice even if everyone does it.
  • It is therefore a completely unjustified accusation that the vegetarian does not consistently follow his moral principles if he does not also avoid the destruction of plants, i.e. does not starve to death in order not to destroy other people's life. On the other hand, people who declare the consumption of animal corpses to be justified because the plant is also an animated and sentient being, act inconsistently if they do not also declare human meat to be justified.
  • It is hypocritical when a meat eater looks down on the butcher with contempt; for man is not only responsible for the actions that he performs himself, but also for the actions that he allows others to perform.
  • Fear of life is loathing of killing! Animal welfare is human protection. Through him we protect the human soul from brutality.

Schweitzer, Albert (1875-1965)

Theologian and missionary doctor; 1952 Nobel Peace Prize

  • I am life that wants to live in the midst of life that wants to live.
  • Animal protection is education to humanity.
  • My view is that we, who stand up for the protection of animals, completely renounce the consumption of meat, and also speak against it. So I do it myself. And so some come to be aware of the problem that was raised so late.
  • Wherever an animal is forced into the service of man, the sufferings it endures concern us all.
  • Ethics is unlimited responsibility towards everything that lives.
  • Reverence for life means abhorrence of killing.
  • I realize that the habit of eating meat is inconsistent with lofty feelings.

Swiss Cancer League

  • Especially with colon cancer and hormone-dependent tumors (breast cancer, prostate cancer), the cause is often that too much fat is ingested instead of fiber. Nature has protective substances in grain, vegetables and fruits: In all likelihood, (vegetable) dietary fibers have a cancer-inhibiting effect.

Seneca, Lucius Annaeus (-3-65)

3 BC - 65 AD neustoan philosopher in Rome

  • Count the cooks: you will no longer be surprised at the numerous ailments people have. Let us never ask: what is the usual, but rather: what is the best!
  • «... And began to abstain from eating meat. After a year, this habit not only became easy for me, it was pleasant. I had the feeling of greater mental agility. "

Shaw, Georg Bernhard (1856-1950)

Irish playwright; Nobel Prize 1950

  • Animals are my friends and I don't eat my friends!
  • Was declared "crazy" by some of his acquaintances. We urgently need some crazy people in this world, just look how far the "normal" ones have brought us.
  • If man wants to kill the tiger, it is called sport. When the tiger wants to kill people, it is called bestiality.
  • As long as people are the walking graves of the animals they murdered, there will be war on this earth.

Silverstone, Alicia * 1976


  • Show respect for all life. I think it is really presumptuous to treat animals with such tremendous cruelty. We can do without all animal products.
  • “'I don't get sick anymore, all of my allergies are gone, my whole life has changed ... I finally realized that there is a way to end all of this and that is not to be a part of it. When I made this choice, I realized that I can stand up for my own beliefs. "

Singer, Isaac Bashevis (1904-1991)

jewish-americ. Writer; Nobel Prize 1978, emigrated to the USA in 1935.

  • In their behavior towards the creature all humans are Nazis ... For the animals every day is Treblinka ...
  • It is often said that people have always eaten meat as if that were a justification for continuing to do so. According to this logic, we should not try to prevent people from killing other people, as this has always been done.
  • He had been thinking of becoming a vegetarian for some time now. At every opportunity he pointed out that what the Nazis did to the Jews was the same as what the people did to the animals.
  • Fish that had swum through the water just a few hours ago lay on the boat decks with glassy eyes, injured mouths, and blood-stained scales. The fishermen, rich sport anglers, weighed the fish and bragged about their catch. Every time Herman had witnessed animals being killed, he had had the same thought: In their behavior towards the creature, all humans were Nazis.
  • I would continue to be a vegetarian even if the whole world started eating meat. This is my protest against the state of the world. Nuclear power, famine, cruelty - we must take action against it. Vegetarianism is my step. And I think it's a very important one.
  • We are all God's creatures - that we pray for grace and justice as we continue to eat the flesh of animals slaughtered for our sake is incompatible.
  • When it comes to animals, everyone becomes a Nazi ... Every day is Treblinka for animals.

Singer, Peter * 1946

Australian philosopher and animal ethicist.

  • Most people in modern, urbanized societies maintain contact with non-human beings primarily during meals.

Sinjavskij, Andrej (1925-1997)

Russian literary scholar and writer sentenced to 7 years in a camp for literary publications in the West in the 1960s.

  • The theory of evolution is pleasant because when I see a frog I think: I too am descended from a frog, and this frog is my brother.

Sissing, Bianca * 1979

Miss Switzerland 2003

  • "After seeing how the animals are treated in slaughterhouses or on animal transports, it was clear to me: I will never eat meat again!"

Skriver, Dr. phil. C. Different

Philosopher, theologian, author, founder of the Order of Nozora, vegan

  • The ethics of nutrition is aimed at the purity of the hands from blood act, the purity under the skin and the purity of the heart. But there can be no question of purity of heart in the case of an unclean omnivore who gives no thought or remorse about the horrific crimes against the animal world that happen daily in the Christian world, only for the purpose of human nutrition.

Spence, Rob

Australian comedian. Lives in Switzerland.

  • "I grew up with lots of animals in Australia. My wife and I love animals more than anything and we are vegetarians out of conviction. The World Animal Day painting competition enables children to learn how to deal responsibly with animals in a playful way."

Standing, Bear

  • Old Lakoda was wise. He knew that far from nature the heart hardens; he knew that disrespect for growing life would soon lead to a loss of fear of man.

Steiner, Rudolf (1861-1925)

Founder of anthroposophy

  • R. Steiner's reply to the question why he does not eat meat: "Do you like to eat dog or cat meat?" "Definitely not." "You and I disgust the meat of other animals too."
  • There are animals that do not eat meat, e.g. our cows. If we could do the experiment of feeding a herd of oxen with meat, the oxen would go insane.
  • Man owes his nourishment from the plant world to the fact that he can look up to the great interrelationships of things that arise from the narrow boundaries of personal being ... Wherever man regulates life and thought freely and carefree from the great points of view, because he owes this overview to his nourishing relationship with the plant world ... Progress will consist in limiting oneself in animal nourishment to that which has not yet been burned through with passions, such as milk. The plant food will occupy more and more space in the human diet.

Founder, Adalbert

Wasn't a vegetarian.

  • It will be ridiculous to many people, and annoying to some devout Christians, that we should be so considerate of a dog.

Stone, Joss * 1987

  • "I haven't eaten meat in my whole life".

Struve, Amalie von (1824-1862)

Wife of Gustav Struve, champion for vegetarianism, free statehood and liberalism

  • [I cannot] imagine a free state, a state of pure humanity, a paradise on earth with meat dishes [...] with bloody delicacies and people lusting after meat dishes.

Master sitter, Otto

  • You will soon know what someone means by the world, just look how he keeps his animals!

Suttner, Bertha von (1843-1914)

Pacifist; 1905 Nobel Peace Prize

  • Those who cannot hear the victims scream or see them twitch, but who, as soon as they are out of sight and hearing range, do not care that they scream and twitch - they have nerves, but - they don't have a heart.
  • Out of a hundred educated and sensitive people today, ninety would probably never eat meat again if they had to kill or stab the animal they are consuming themselves.
  • Death in and of itself is nothing terrible, nothing infernal - but this is the fear of death and physical agony. No decent person is in any doubt that when the animals are killed, these two should be spared the victim as much as possible. I am convinced that the time will come one day when no one will want to feed on corpses, when no one will find themselves ready for the butcher's trade. How many of us are already there who never ate meat if they had to stick a knife into the throat of the animal in question!
  • I am convinced that the time will one day come when no one will want to feed on corpses, when no one will find themselves willing to be a butcher. How many of us are already there who never ate meat if they had to stick a knife into the throat of the animal in question!

Szekely, E. B.

Jesus "The Gospel of the Essenes"

  • For verily, I say to you, he who kills kills himself, and whoever eats the flesh of slain animals eats the body of death. But I tell you: Do not kill humans or animals, or the food that your mouth ingests. For if you eat living food it will animate you, but if you kill your food, the dead food will kill you too.


Tagore, Rabindranath (1861-1941)

Indian poet and philosopher Nobel Literature Prize 1913

  • "The Way of Consummation" - This is the reason why India gave up a whole people who once lived on flesh, out of a feeling of love for all living things - a fact that is unique in human history.

Tesla, Nikola (1856-1943)

Inventor, e.g. remote control, radio, multi-phase AC network, AC motors

  • The cultivation of vegetables is certainly to be given preference, and I think that the vegetarian way of life is a recommendable departure from the existing barbaric habits. ... Many breeds that live almost exclusively on vegetables have excellent body condition and strength. ... In view of these facts, every effort should be made to end the wanton and cruel slaughter of animals that must destroy our moral values. ... There doesn't seem to be a philosophical need for food. We can imagine organized beings living without food and drawing all of the energy they need to carry out their vital functions from their surroundings.

Thoreau, Henry David (1817-1862)

US writer

  • I have no doubt that it is the fate of the human race, in the course of its gradual development, to abandon the eating of animals, just as the savage indigenous peoples stopped eating one another after coming into contact with more civilized ones.

Tolstoy, Leo (1828-1910)

Humanist, author (including "War and Peace")

  • Eating meat is a holdover of the greatest rudeness; the transition to vegetarianism is the first and most natural consequence of the Enlightenment.
  • As long as there are slaughterhouses, there will be battlefields.
  • If man earnestly and sincerely seeks the moral path, the first thing he must turn away from is the diet of meat: for apart from the excitement of passions caused by this diet, it is simply immoral because it is one of the act contrary to moral feeling, which requires killing.
  • People would rather perish than change their habits.
  • Humans can live and be healthy without killing animals for food. So if he eats meat he is complicit in killing animals just to flatter his taste. It is immoral to do so. It is so simple and indubitable that it is impossible not to agree.But because the majority are still attached to meat enjoyment, people think it is justified and laughingly say: 'A piece of beef steak is a nice thing, and I will be having lunch today with pleasure.'
  • Compassion always remains the same, whether you feel it for a person or for a fly. The person accessible to compassion withdraws from egoism in both cases and thereby expands the moral satisfaction of his life.
  • If you can't kill a person - fine; Can't you kill any cattle or birds - even better; no fish and insects - even better. Try to get as far as you can. Do not ponder what is possible and what is not - do what you can do with your strength - it all depends.
  • Tolstoy had invited his aunt, who was a passionate meat eater, to his home. Immediately after their arrival he led her into the dining room, where she found the turkey tied alive on her plate. He said to her: "You have to kill him yourself, we didn't have the heart to do it."
  • Vegetarianism is regarded as a criterion by which we can recognize whether man's striving for moral perfection is serious.
  • There is only one step from animal murder to human murder and thus also from animal cruelty to human cruelty.

Trojan, Johannes

  • Have respect for any life that has been given into your hand! And no matter how modest it may be! The biggest secret is it! The weakest little animal, the smallest plant indicates the wonderful whole!

Twain, Mark (1835-1910)


  • The knowledge of medicine can be summed up in a nutshell: if you drink water in moderation, it is harmless.
  • I think the strongest objection to his intelligence is the fact that he (human) declares himself to be the leader in the face of this (historical) register of sins, while he actually belongs at the very end.


Unknown / Anonymous

  • As long as humans think that animals don't feel, animals must feel that humans don't think.
  • If someone recognizes a problem and does nothing to solve it, they are part of the problem themselves.
  • One who kills helpless animals to satisfy the temporary whims of the body does not know that he will suffer in the next life, for such a sinful villain is put in a hellish position and has to atone for his actions.
  • Vegetarianism is love for animals and humans
  • Vegetarians are the most consistent animal rights activists.
  • Degraded into measuring instruments in cruel experiments, disfigured as a farm animal into a machine, ill-bred as a pet and set in concrete, threatened with extinction as a wild animal and exhibited as a monument to itself in zoos - that is the fate that we have prepared for the animals of this earth.
  • You should treat animals such as deer, camels, donkeys, monkeys, mice, snakes, birds and flies in the same way as your own son. How little difference is there really between children and these innocent animals.
  • Nobody can put out the fire of truth; but with the armor of folly one can protect oneself from its heat for a while.
  • Human dignity is inviolable, the dignity of animals .......... incredible !!
  • Nobody makes a bigger mistake than someone who does nothing just because there is little they can do.
  • Thinking about human fear and need: There is nothing people fear as much as their death, but nothing they practice more than killing people and animals.
  • Whoever accepts injustice in silence is complicit.

Unruh, C. M. von

  • When a noble dog unforgivingly hates a person, it is always a questionable sign. Like children, dogs feel the finest contrasts between outer form and inner being. A highly developed dog is completely at one with his master, he feels for him and hates the master’s enemy, including the secret one.
  • What are we arguing about the mind! Is understanding the highest thing in man? As in man, so in the animal the mind is the essential, the driving force and the strong root of that which can blossom in him in terms of spirituality. That is why everyone who tries to explain the spiritual in the animal with the analytics of the understanding will always find a few unknown quantities in his calculation. For what comes out of the mind can only be grasped, fathomed and - answered with the mind.


Valery, P.

  • You have to live the way you think, otherwise you will sooner or later think the way you live!

Vischer, Friedrich Theodor

  • Incidentally, if you can no longer stand it with humans for a while, you have the animals.

Vivekananda, Swami (1863-1902)

Ind. Out. monk

  • The only difference between me and the smallest animal is the appearance; in principle we are the same.

Voltaire, Francois de (1694-1778)

french Enlightenment philosopher and writer

  • It is certain that this hideous bloodbath, which takes place incessantly in our slaughterhouses and kitchens, no longer appears to us as an evil; on the contrary, we regard these atrocities, which often have a pestilential effect, as a blessing from the Lord and thank him in our prayers for our killings. But can there be anything more hideous than continually feeding on corpse flesh?


Wagner, Richard (1813-1883)


  • What do we expect from a religion if we exclude compassion for animals?
  • I don't know how the love of God will evaluate my life's work one day. In the past few weeks I've written over fifty pages of Parsifal's score and saved the lives of three young dogs. Let's wait and see what will weigh more heavily on the scales.
  • If the sight of the bull sacrificed to the gods became an abomination to us, then we now have a daily bloodbath in clean slaughterhouses that have been withdrawn from the attention of all those who, at midday, are supposed to enjoy the body parts of murdered domestic animals, which have been prepared beyond recognition. From now on it should only be important to us to allow the religion of compassion, in spite of the confessors of the dogma of utility, to gain solid ground for new care with us.

Walker, Alice * 1944


  • One day, when we were talking about freedom and justice, we were having steaks. I eat misery, I thought to myself as I took the first bite. And spat it out.

Weitzel, Günther

  • The Christian conscience cannot be satisfied with not applying the 5th commandment to animals for slaughter. Anyone who has ever visited a slaughterhouse is more or less shocked and disgusted by what they see. Almost everyone comes to the opinion that the brutal slaughter of animals that were first raised and fattened in order to finally devour them is unworthy of modern humanity and especially of Christianity

Weizsäcker, Ernst U. from * 1939

Head of the Wuppertal Institute for Climate, Environment and Energy

  • The contributions of cattle farming to the greenhouse effect are similar to those of the entire car traffic if we include the deforestation for cattle and for animal feed.

Wilted, um

  • A complete religion will have to include love for fellow creatures.
  • Fortunately, the view that the animal has no soul is disappearing more and more in the northern countries, and even if the necessary conclusion is not yet drawn from it, the situation is to be welcomed as a step forward.
  • It is not cruelty and malevolence that cause the millionfold outcry of the tormented creature, human ignorance and indifference evoke it. That is why the fight for the beast, if it is to be effective, must be waged against these enemies in the bourgeois coat.

Wilder, Thornton (1897-1975)


  • The eternal woe with do-gooders is that they never start with themselves.

WorldWatch Institute

  • The health-damaging effects of excessive meat consumption stem largely from what nutritionists call the ´big protein fiasco´ - the mistaken belief of people in the West that they have to consume large amounts of protein.
  • Meat-rich diet contributes to the leading causes of death, namely heart disease, strokes and certain types of cancer.
  • The high consumption of meat also costs human lives. Those who eat a lot of meat become more susceptible to affluent diseases such as heart attacks, strokes and cancer, which are among the most common causes of death in industrialized countries.




Ziegler, Jean * 1934

Swiss National Council, author: "Switzerland washes whiter", etc .; UN special envoy

  • I'm a vegetarian, that's good. I am more alert and mentally flexible when I watch what I eat.
  • Why did I become a vegetarian? For many reasons: I was sick once and the new diet cured me. So I keep it. Second: The global grain harvest is around 2 billion tons per year. Over 500,000 are fed to the cattle of the rich nations - while in the 122 countries of the Third World (where 3.8 of the 5 billion people on our planet live) 43,000 children die of hunger every day, according to UNO statistics. I no longer want to take part in this terrible mass murder: not eating meat is a minimal start.

Zola, Èmile (1840-1902)

French writer and art critic

  • "The animal cause is more important to me than worrying about making a fool of myself."