Board papers are actually simple


Bitpaper is an easy-to-use, but at the same time very powerful whiteboard application on the Internet that can be used without logging in / registering.

After you have called up the page, select in the top right corner Create paper and give your whiteboard a name.

And you've created your first whiteboard!

The two toolbars on the left and bottom of the screen are quite clearly designed and actually self-explanatory. Here's a quick walk through the different symbols.

In addition to these tools, which can be used directly on the work surface, further options are available on the left-hand side of the screen!


Bitpaper is a whiteboard application that leaves little to be desired.
The most important functions:
- write and draw by hand
- Text tool for typing with the keyboard
- Various symbols are available
- File upload and integration of the files in the work surface
- collaborative work via link (which can be made available e.g. via QR code)
- After registration, the whiteboards can be saved and saved as a PDF file


+ Ease of use
+ Registration not absolutely necessary
+ Can also be used to work together
- Not suitable for smartphones due to the size of the work surface!