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AW: "Unsupported video format" when zapping (Philips LCD)

Contribution from Wool_T ┬╗Mon 21 Feb 2011, 7:42 am


with the setting "More" instead of "HD.Dig. Receiver" it doesn't work for me. I now have the latest firmware on the SRP 2410 and the Philips 40PLF9704.
It only works with the interposition of the A / V receiver. However, it takes a long time if a format change has to be switched. What annoys me is that I have to have the A / V receiver on. I don't need that for "normal" television. In addition, it is the biggest power guzzler for me. Now I'm wondering whether I should just switch an HDMI distributor in between. So: Pot into an HDMI distributor (which can also be 576i) and from the output of the distributor into the TV. It's actually stupid because I don't want to distribute anything. I have no idea. But I believe that the TV is faster than the pot and therefore shows "unsupported video format". The pot says: Aha, the user wants to change a program. Well then I have an assignment. So first make coffee. Then he realizes that he should change a program. The automatic system tells him after the second cup of coffee that he wants 720p now. Okay, smoke a cigarette first. Change now. Oh yes, he also wants sound. The Philips says to himself: My manufacturer told me that people don't want to wait long when zapping. if nothing comes after 2milli seconds, something must be broken, so then I go to sleep.

If I put a distributor in between now, the pot could drink coffee as long as it wants. Only when its signal has arrived at the distributor is it switched to the TV in a flash. Is it?