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The Kramer wheel loaders for the construction industry

The yellow wheel loaders come as Construction machinery Always used when it comes to moving earth, loosening bulk goods, transporting pipes or even stone pallets. And so you can find the yellow loaders from Kramer not only in the construction industry, where they prove Kramer quality as construction vehicles, for example on inner-city construction sites, but also in gravel pits or recycling yards. They are also welcome helpers in gardening and landscaping, thanks to them compact design

For use on small construction sites, the so-called Skid steer loader, which includes the 5075, 5095, 5085T, 8095 and 8085T from Kramer. To the Mini wheel loaders in the construction industry, the following yellow models count: the 5025 - the smallest mini loader from Kramer, the 5035, the 5055, as well as the electric wheel loader 5055e, the 5065 and the telescopic wheel loader 5065T. Among other things, the mini wheel loaders from Kramer are characterized by their low transport weight out.

The Kramer wheel loaders for the construction industry are in three different groups divided according to the bucket volume.

The smallest wheel loader from Kramer have a shovel volume of 0.25 - 0.65 m³. The 5035 is one of them 350 liter bucket volume, or the 5065, the up to 3.8 tons operating weight Has.

Wheel loader 0.25 - 0.65 m³

To the group of wheel loaders with at least 0.70 m³ up to a maximum 950 liters bucket volume belongs among other things to the 8095, the up to 5.0 tons Operating weight on the scales.

Wheel loader 0.70 - 0.95 m³

The largest wheel loaders from Kramer have a bucket volume of more than 1.55 m³. With a bucket volume of 1550 liters and up to 11 tons, depending on the scope of options, the 8155the largest wheel loader from Kramer.

Wheel loader 1.05 - 1.80 m³

The Kramer wheel loaders for agriculture

The green wheel loaders from Kramer are one of them Agricultural machinery and are among the most popular Yard loaders in Germany. The Kramer yard loaders have been specially developed for tight spaces and can also be used in low buildings or at narrow passages can be used. On Farms the wheel loaders usually come to the Feeding and mucking the stables for use.

Because of the many special Attachments For agriculture, like the bale gripper, the wheel loaders can also be used, for example, to transport bales of hay and straw. Or use the sweeper to sweep the yard.

The Use of yard loaders is also increasing outside of agriculture and so the machines are also in Municipalities used.

To the Kramer mini loaders The KL10.5, KL12.5, KL19.5 and the KL25.5e electric wheel loader also include the KL25.5T telescopic wheel loader in agriculture. These models are particularly characterized by their compact design and optimum power-to-weight ratio.

To the Compact wheel loaders in agriculture counts the KL31.5, KL37.5, KL37.8, and for even more loading height offer like that Telescopic wheel loader KL30.8T, KL30.5T.

In the group of wheel loaders for agriculture under 3.5 tons are the smallest wheel loader from Kramer.

Wheel loader <3.5t

Bring the largest wheel loaders from Kramer for agriculture more than 10 tons on the scales.



Wheel loader> 4t

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