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48 Lightroom and Photoshop alternatives [2021]

There are now numerous Lightroom and Photoshop alternatives. I found 48 programs that you can use instead. There are of course numerous photo editing programs without a subscription and even free versions.

Alternatives to Lightroom and Photoshop

I've been using Photoshop for 15 years and I'm very happy with it. I have the Adobe Creative Cloud Photography subscription for 12 euros per month. When I recently explained my point of view in a post, there were also many voices that could not get used to the Adobe products and the subscription model. So today I want to give you some Alternatives to Lightroom and Photoshop demonstrate.

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What do I need which program for? What is Lightroom and what is Photoshop?

If you have your Develop and organize RAW files want without further processing them afterwards, then they are Lightroom alternatives right for you. You can also develop JPG files with it. There are settings like Brightness, contrast, black and white point, shadows, highlights and lens correction. I would basic image adjustments call.

With Photoshop and its alternatives you can against it dive deeper into image editing. This can be very adjust specific areas of the image, Collages create, Retouch portraits and Edit graphics. For example, I use Photoshop to combine two exposures of the same scenery in my landscape shots. This allows me to cope with the limited dynamic range of the cameras and do not have to use a gray graduated filter.

There is no right or wrong to how much you want to adjust and edit your recordings. Everyone has their own ideas and depending on your own attitude, photography includes everything from the Documentation through to art. So it can make sense to think about how much you want to edit your images and what program scope you will need before choosing the right software.

If the terms RAW and JPG don't mean anything to you, then you will find an explanation of the differences in my article RAW vs. JPG.

As mentioned above, I use Photoshop and its RAW converter. One of the reasons for this is also that a Most of the instructions and tutorials on the Internet are designed for Photoshop are.

The right hardware

All of these programs should run fine, though your computer is not much older than 5 years. If you are thinking about a new computer, my posts about a laptop for picture editing or a PC for picture editing might help you.

Regardless of which program you end up using, I recommend using a monitor for image processing. This is the only way you can ensure that you have a good one presentation of Colors, brightness and contrast has. On top of that, such a monitor is hardly dependent on the viewing angle. In any case, I recommend that you calibrate your monitor. Then you also get the To press your pictures the result as you saw it on the monitor.

During my research, I came across numerous photo editing programs. Not all of them have a large range of functions, some are also rather rudimentary. It just depends on what you want to do with your photo editor.

Try the programs yourself

I haven't looked at all of the programs myself. Since everyone has their own ideas and preferences, I cannot give a generally valid recommendation. For me it's about a as comprehensive an overview as possible to deliver.

So I recommend you that Try out programs yourself. Most photo editing programs have one 14-day trial version or a limited version. In the comments there are also testimonials and recommendations from my readers.

List of Lightroom alternatives

The following programs are primarily a Lightroom alternative. With them, RAW files can be developed and partly organized.

I have marked the free Lightroom alternatives accordingly. Often there is a free version that already provides a lot of development and organization options. There is then a payment option for advanced functions and other features.

List of Photoshop alternatives

The following programs are primarily a Photoshop alternative. They can be used to carry out extensive image processing or even photo montages.

I have marked the free Photoshop alternatives accordingly. Often there is a free version that already provides a lot of editing options. There is then a payment option for advanced functions and other features.

This list is certainly not exhaustive, but it should at least be a fairly comprehensive guide. I update both the Lightroom alternatives and the Photoshop alternatives list regularly.

There are certainly quite a few among my readers who are already using these programs. That's why I'm interested in who you use which program for image processing. If you write about it in the comments, the article will be all the more interesting for all readers, as we can read from many different points of view and opinions. I would be very happy about it!

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