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TWRP cannot be installed in Note 4

I'm trying, TWRP ("") on the Samsung Galaxy Grade 4 SM-N910F to install with Android 5.1.1. I tried this with the Odin- Versions v3.09 and v3.10.7 do so using different USB cables and connectors. The process always seems to be correct: it shows' ID: COM 'and ends without errors, will green is displayed and resets the device. Then I try to get into the ' Download mode 'to boot and press " Decrease volume " + Home + power It continues to show the Standard recovery and does not start on TWRP.

I've uploaded five screenshots here showing what's going on. Here is one of them, showing that everything appeared to be working fine and the device is restarting:

PC configuration:

  • Windows 7
  • Drivers already installed " SAMSUNG_USB_Driver_for_Mobile_Phones.zip "from here

Device configuration:

  • ' USB debugging ' is activated
  • Security => ' Reactivation lock ' is deactivated.

How can I properly install and boot TWRP?

Any help is appreciated, thanks in advance


Aaron Gillion

Do you disable "Auto-Reboot" in Odin?

Beeshyams ♦

1. Disable the automatic restart. 2. If your device has a removable battery, remove it and start the recovery. 3. If not restart Fastboot, start Twrp recovery. Reason: see Odin section last paragraph here twrp.me/devices/samsunggalaxynote4qualcomm.html. Also, make sure you are flashing the correct TWRP

Beeshyams ♦

Once you are done, Quick Start can be used to start TWRP recovery if you are having trouble handling the recovery key combination


Thank you for your answers. It was a mistake on my part when pressing the key combination. I said I do 'Volume Down' + Home + Power, but that's to be in the ' Download mode 'to boot into the Restoration to boot is the combination " Increase volume "+ Home + Power.

Many Thanks,



I had a similar problem. I flashed TWRP with ODIN but my Note4 (N910G) failed to start to restore. Then I used TWRP Manager from the Playstore (not the official TWRP application). This had the option to boot to recovery. This enabled me to successfully boot to TWRP.

Gabriel Martin-Simoneau

I installed it with Odin and it was stuck when booting recovery.

Then I removed the battery and rebooted on recovery and it ran a script that reinstalled the inventory recovery.

I flashed it again with odin WITHOUT automatic restart.

I removed the battery as soon as the flash finished.

Put it back in and use Vol ++ Power to boot TWRP and voilà!

Flashed Supersu 2.79, it patched the root and I'm now fully rooted :)