When is it time to move on?

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It is Time to move onlike the others.

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It was the Time, there to carry on, where we only started last Saturday: Off to the studio with 14 AHOLA songs.
It was about a time to do this what we just started last Saturday: hit the studio with 14 AHOLA songs.
So I guess it's about the time isto keep going.
After 25 km I heard Mark Milde say if I want to win, it would be her now Time, alone to carry on.
After 25 k, Mark Milde said to me that when I want to win the race, I would have to go away now.
Yes, pray, but don't continue tormenting yourselves, I got your prayers long ago time heard and to carry on Asking me in this way is pointless.
Yes, do pray, but do not continue to agonize, I heard your prayers a long time ago other continuing to beg Me in this way is futile.
It is Time, with Oliver Peters to carry on.
Be it Time, with my education to carry on.
So now it is Time, with more pressing matters to carry onhow to destroy Abaddon.
So, it's time to move on to more pressing matters, like destroying Abaddon.
Dad, don't you think it would be Time, with your life to carry on?
Dad, do you think it time that you start thinking about getting on with your life?
I believe it is now for everyone Time to move on.
I think it's time for everyone to move on.
I am sorry, but it is Time to move on.
When the work in the course is finished, is it Time to move on.
You know, I woke up this morning and felt great, and I figured it was her Time to move on.
It was the time... to carry on and become independent.
And now it is time to you to carry on.
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