Why was the Doolittle Raid revenge


The US pilot Jack (Emile Hirsch) is one of the participants in the so-called "Doolittle Raid", an Air Force mission that set out for Tokyo in 1942 at great risk to drop bombs in retaliation for the attack on Pearl Harbor. The participants did not return, but had to make an emergency landing in Japanese-occupied China.

Jack finds shelter with the young widow Ying (Liu Yifei from Mulan) and their little daughter Nunu. They take a great risk because a Japanese officer has his eye on Ying. But Jack also develops feelings for the young Chinese woman ...

At the end of the film, a text panel informs you that of the 64 US soldiers stranded in China the Doolittle Mission 56 were rescued and brought to safety by the Chinese. In retaliation, the Japanese killed approximately 250,000 Chinese civilians.

The Chinese production was directed by the Dane Bille August (The haunted house, Miss Smilla's flair for snow), which, with its careful, but also somewhat sluggish, staging prevents The Hidden Soldierthat is under the title The Chinese Widow ran in US cinemas, became crude anti-Japanese propaganda.

It takes a bit of getting used to, but it is useful that in the German version the US soldiers speak English and the Chinese speak German. In addition to the 97-minute main film, the Blu-ray from Koch Media also contains an interview with Emile Hirsch conducted by Chinese journalists (10:40 min) and a short picture gallery (1:43 min).

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