How do I develop a razor sharp focus

about us

We are passionate about supplements that work and make sense!

The BPS-Pharma team consists of experts from the fields of nutrition, nutritional supplements and experienced athletes and trainers. BPS-Pharma and # Not4Pussy arose from the idea of ​​developing a perfect pre-workout booster that has the advantages of hardcore boosters, but without their disadvantages, such as a "crash" and bad taste. After a long development and testing phase, the right ingredients were finally found in the required quality. The Psychodolic P-Matrix was born!

The hype surrounding the # Not4Pussy Psychodelic P-Matrix ensured that BPS-Pharma decided to develop more products for the community. Supplements that are different from others. In effect, composition, quality, taste and design. Most of all, supplements keep what they promise!

You can now find one at BPS-Pharma Pump booster, that set a new standard, the Ultimate Pump-Matrix.

One Hardcore boosterthat gives you such a huge kick in the ass that you should use it with caution, the Roid Rage Matrix.

One Nootropic Booster for a razor-sharp focus and more concentration, the Psychodelic P-Matrix Nootropics.

Essential amino acids in a wide variety of unusual and really delicious flavors with a keto standby system blend, the 4 Your Gainz Bro EAAs

A All in one micronutrient supplement, which provides you with all vitamins, minerals, trace elements, omega 3, Q 10, lecithin, glucosamine and chondroitin and also sets a new standard in this category, the Vitaminizer 4 U.

Whey protein with real gourmet flavors that ensure an incomparably authentic taste, the Whey 4U.

A natural one Libido enhancer for more lust and steadfastnesswho can take on the "blue pill", the PussyKilla Capz.

And also basics such as agmatine sulphate and high-dose zinc bisglycinate.

The BPS-Pharma quality standards

We attach great importance to the best quality standards. That is why all BPS-Pharma products are manufactured under GMP conditions. Food standards are not good enough for us. In addition, standards such as HACCP and ISO9001 are of course also met.

Wherever possible, only ingredients of vegan quality, as well as natural flavors and food colors, are used. When it comes to sweeteners, too, great importance is attached to absolute harmlessness. That means that no aspartame is used!

A brand for the community

We are like you and it is thanks to you and our community that we are now where we are. We will never forget that. That is why our community has a very, very high priority and is involved in many requests, be it flavors, product developments, discount campaigns and much more.