What is Cisco ISR

Limitless network experience thanks to the latest video-ready modules

Cisco Integrated Service Routers of the 2nd generation offer you a limitless network experience thanks to their new "video-ready" capabilities, service virtualization and their excellent operating characteristics.

They enable your network to accept and support new applications, to adapt to your challenges in the company, to simplify operations and to ensure unlimited security.
Thanks to their flexible and extensive equipment, you can sustainably reduce operating costs.

Video-ready architecture

The Cisco Integrated Services Routers are built from the ground up for video transmission. This means that the ISR G2 are medianet-compliant solutions that offer you more diverse cooperation with your departments and branches. These include TelePresence, video surveillance, digital signing, and scalable WebEX and desktop conferencing. The media service processor efficiently combines voice and video functions in a single module.

Virtualization of the services

The Services Ready Engnies (SRE) from Cisco provide new flexibility, cloud expansion options and "on-demand" services. They decouple hardware and software so that virtual services can be rolled out and administered remotely. Service calls are a thing of the past.

Excellent operating properties

The Integrated Services Routers from Cisco reduce your total cost of ownership significantly and sustainably. Ease of use through a single universal Cisco IOS software image, the Service Ready Engine, the EnergyWise innovation and a high level of investment protection result in a rapid return on investment.

Integrated Services Router series

Here we present the model series of Integrated Services Router from Cisco that we use in our solutions and that we have already successfully implemented with our reference customers. What counts for us above all is flexibility and scalability in order to be able to solve your challenge in partnership.

3900 Series - Cisco Integrated Service Router

  • Provides scalable interactive media services, including TelePresence
  • Ideal for use in the top segment, which requires continuous business operations and extensive cooperation.
  • Field upgradeable motherboard, 350 Mbps WAN network performance
  • 3 RU modular form

2900 Series - Cisco Integrated Service Router

  • Offers interactive media services and service virtualization
  • Ideal for use in the mid-range segment that requires flexibility in business operations and extensive collaboration
  • Up to 75 Mbps WAN network performance and a wide variety of services
  • 1 to 2 RU of modular form

1900 Series - Cisco Integrated Service Router

  • Very secure, cost-effective solution for the use of WAN in the entry-level segment
  • Suitable for small offices that rely on modular flexibility
  • Up to 25 Mbps WAN network performance
  • Desktop shape

800 Series - Cisco Integrated Service Router

  • Provides secure WAN network connection
  • Ideal for teleworkers and small offices
  • Fast transmission performance (wire-speed) with secure data services
  • Factory selection option between 802.11n access point and 3G WAN