Which CRM systems are synchronized with CardDAV


WebDAV is a standard that offers flexible data synchronization and management functions for mobile devices of all types. over CardDAV Contacts can be synced and over CalDAV Calendar entries. The data is compared with the contacts or the calendar of the mobile device via a separate account. Existing calendars or contacts are added. A client plug-in is then no longer required.

TeleSync is a Additional module for your CRM, which provides the contacts and calendar from the database via an interface on a cloud server. In this way, all participants can store files centrally in the cloud, as well as load and synchronize their contacts and appointments on their mobile devices.

Representation of the synchronization between vTiger and the mobile devices

  • All data is between the CRM and the mobile device synchronous held
  • It will no additional app required on the mobile device
  • TeleSync works completely in background - You don't notice anything
  • All data is automatic always and everywhere available

The WebDAV interface does not form its own surface on your mobile device, but communicates directly and in the background with the installed programs and databases. This means that you can always work on the familiar interfaces with both the iPhone® and Android®. A device exchange, even between different brands, is always done in a few minutes. We synchronize this data in both directions:

Plugins are available for the popular mail programs Mozilla® Thunderbird® and Microsoft® Outlook® that connect the WebDAV server directly to the desktop program. The WebDAV server (with us also OwnCloud or NextCloud) can be filled with appropriate tools from any source. For the CRM system vTiger we offer TeleSync - a standardized interface - with which an automated synchronization between CRM system and mobile device is realized.

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