Choji dies

Abumi ZakusacrificeSince Orochimaru needed sacrifices to use his Edo Tensei Jutsu, he used Kin and Zaku for it. After the third Hokage sealed the souls of the first and second Hokage, the bodies turned to dust and the faces of Kin and Zaku emerged.ChirukuKakuzuKakuzu killed Chiruku for the bounty.ChiyoSuicide (sacrifice)To be able to resuscitate Gaara, she had to let her live.DeidaraSelf-destructionDeidara's plan was to use his Ultimate Technique to kill Sasuke. The technique consisted of sacrificing himself to make his body his greatest work of art: A huge explosion that stretches over 10 kilometers and thus gives no escape.GatoZabuzaAfter Kakashi made both arms of Zabuza unusable, he wanted to take revenge on Gato and killed him before he died shortly afterwards.Gekkou HayateBakiBecause Hayate had overheard the plans to invade Konoha, Baki had to kill him.HakuKakashiTo save his Sensei Zabuza, Haku threw himself in front of him when he was attacked by Kakashi with the Chidori and was immediately dead.[no picture so far]Hanzou salamanderPainIt is not yet clear how Pain killed Hanzou, but it did take control of Amegakure.HidanShikamaruShikamaru lured him away from Kakuzu with his shadow jutsu. Hidan injured Shikamaru and thought he had an advantage, but of course Shikamaru had a plan. He overpowered Hidan and buried him in a hole in the ground.Hyuga HizashiOneselfWhen Kumo Gakure demanded the sacrifice of Hiashi, Hizashi voluntarily sacrificed himself so that the Kumo Nin would not be able to investigate the Byakugan, since his will be sealed by a spell after death.JiraiyaPainHe was only able to resist Pain briefly, even though he was in hermit mode. So Jiraiya was finished off by Pain in an uphill battle. Shortly before he died, however, he was able to transfer the information he had collected to the male frog so that he could bring it to Tsunade.JirouboChoujiIn a fight for life and death, Choji killed Jiroubo during the "Sasuke Rescue Operation".Kaguya KimimaroillnessKimimaro was terminally ill, but he still fought against Gaara. But this exertion was too much for him and even during the fight his heart stopped beating.KaizaGatoWhen Gato invaded the realm of the waves, Kaiza was the only one who struggled. That's why Gato tortured him for a long time and then publicly executed him.KakuzuKakashi and NarutoKakuzu can take the hearts of his victims in himself, so he also has several hearts. Kakashi manages to kill some of them, and after Naruto uses his Rasengan, Kakashi finishes off Kakuzu.KidomaruNejiAt the time when Team Shikamaru was trying to save Sasuke, Kidomaru was fighting Neji. He was about to win, but Neji turned the tables with his last strength and defeated him.Kinuta DosuGaaraWhen Dosu challenged Gaara one night, he could not have known that his demon would gain the upper hand during the full moon and so he was killed by the power of the Shukaku.MandaDeidara & SasukeManda was once Orochimaru's strongest snake. Then Sasuke took care of her. Manda died because Sasuke was using her as a shield to escape Deidara's attack. So it is a matter of opinion who made her ultimately die.Kurosaki RaigaOneselfRaiga was defeated by Naruto's Rasengan and pushed off a cliff. Realizing that Ranmaru would lead a good life without him, Raiga gave himself the coup de grace with his lightning bolts.[no picture so far]MukadeGaiBecause of the shouten no jutsu, Mukade looked exactly like Kisame and was therefore able to use the same jutsu as him. However, he was killed by Gai.Namikaze Minato, Yondaime HokageOneselfHe sacrificed himself to seal the Kyuubi in Naruto to save Konohagakure.NibiAkatsukiAkatsuki sealed the nibi in the statue of the god of hell.Nii YugitoAkatsukiWhen the nibi was removed from her body, Yugito also died.OrochimaruSasuke, ItachiWhen Orochimaru tried to take over Sasuke's body, he reversed the effect of soul transfer through his Sharingan and so Orochimaru's soul is sealed in Sasuke's body. However, he was able to free himself again during the fight against Itachi, but was immediately sucked into the sword of Totsuka and now appears to be trapped in it.Sabaku no GaaraAkatsukiSpecial: Was revived by Chyo. When Akatsuki separated the Shukaku from Gaara and then sealed it in the statue of the hell god, Gaara died in the process. However, he was later resuscitated by Chyo.Sabaku no KaruraGaara's birthKarura died at Gaara's birth because Gaara got the Shukaku sealed in her at that moment.SakonKankuroSakon and his brother Ukon had hit Kiba pretty badly and were just about to finish him off when Kankuro appeared and killed Sakon.Sakumo HatakeOneself.Sakumo killed himself because the shame of failing a mission was too great.SanbiAkatsukiAkatsuki sealed the sanbi in the statue of the god of hell.Sandaime KazekageSasoriSasori killed the 3rd Kazekage and made him a doll.SasoriChiyo and SakuraHe fought with all his tricks against his grandmother Chiyo and Sakura, but it didn't help and he was finally killed by his own parents' dolls. Before that, he could tell Sakura where she would get information about Orochimaru.Sarutobi AsumaHidanWhen he was out with his team to free his old friend Chiriku from the hands of Hidan and Kakuzu, Hidan put his Jashin technique on him and killed him with a spear punch in the heart.Sarutobi, Sandaime HokageOrochimaru, god of deathAfter sealing the souls of the first and second Hokage, he tried the same with Orochimaru, but only managed to sever the soul from the arms and was then pierced by the kusanagi.[no picture so far]ShioreOrochimaruOrochimaru killed him, stole his face, and posed as Shiore on the Chuunin selection test.Shukaku no IchibiAkatsukiAkatsuki sealed the Shukaku in the statue of the god of hell.TayuyaTemariShikamaru fought against Tayuya and had already weakened her very much. Then Temari shows up and killed Tayuya.Tsuchi KinsacrificeSince Orochimaru needed sacrifices to use his Edo Tensei Jutsu, he used Kin and Zaku for it. After the third Hokage sealed the souls of the first and second Hokage, the bodies turned to dust and the faces of Kin and Zaku emerged.UkonKankuroUkon and his brother Sakon had hit Kiba pretty badly and were just about to finish him off, when Kankuro appeared and killed Ukon.YashamaruGaaraWhen Yashamaru carried out an attempted murder on Gaara, he blew himself up and wanted to take Gaara with him to his death.Yondaime KazekageOrochimaruOrochimaru killed him and took his place.[no picture so far]YuuraNarutoYuura looked just like Itachi because of the shouten no jutsu and was able to use the same jutsus as him. However, he was killed by Naruto.Zabuza MomochiKakashi, Gato's henchmanAfter a long and tough fight with Kakashi, Zabuza was attacked by Gato's henchmen and then died of his injuries.Uchiha FugakuItachiWhen Itachi exterminated the Uchiha clan, he also killed Fugaku, the head of the Uchiha clan.Uchiha ItachiSasuke, exhaustionHe used all his techniques and had Sasuke already trapped, but shortly before his goal he lost his strength and he collapsed. His plan to gain eternal light through Sasuke's eyes failed. However, he really wanted to protect Sasuke and shortly before his death he also transferred all of his eye techniques to him.Uchiha ObitoKakkouIn the fight against Kakashi and Obito, Kakkou used a jutsu that loosened stones from a cave ceiling. One of them hit Obito and crushed the right side of his body.