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Gold Coast Australia - The Best Sights, Beautiful Beaches, and More!

We have reached the Gold Coast in Australia: some love it, some hate it - and yes, we don't quite agree on what to think of it either.

On the one hand, the miles of sandy beaches have made us speechless again and again, on the other hand, we find the huge skyline on the beach a bit too much of a good thing. Nevertheless we enjoy the short but nice time on the Gold Coast.

So that you can now decide for yourself whether a visit is worthwhile for you, we have summarized some Gold Coast sights, beautiful beaches and other tips for the coastal region or for a national park nearby.

What is the Gold Coast anyway?

The city is quite large with over 500,000 inhabitants, countless holidaymakers and a gigantic skyline right by the sea, but the city is somehow soulless.

We don't like the view from the skyscrapers on the beach. But the sight is always impressive. A few less high-rise apartment blocks would certainly not have hurt.


Gold Coast landmarks

There are always a few sights along the coast that you shouldn't miss when visiting the Gold Coast. We present our highlights to you now.

Our personal highlight along the Gold Coast is that Burleigh Head National Park. At 30 hectares, it is tiny, but still beautiful. This hiking trail is perfect for a short hike with a gigantic view, as it is also on the coast.

Sometimes the hiking trail meanders directly along the sea, while in the north the impressive one Skyline and in the south you can see the miles of Palm Beach - really gorgeous!

Oh yes, if you expect some peace and quiet in the national park, you are probably wrong. Because the Burleigh Head National Park is very popular with local athletes. 🙂



Surfers Paradise

In the center of the city is the Surfers Paradise. It is THE hotspot par excellence. There is a lot going on here, especially during the summer holidays. In the party miles Cavill Avenue and Orchid Avenue you can let the pig out. You can shop around the Esplanade or hang your legs in the sand on the large Main Beach.

But what would the Gold Coast be without the many surfer shops? Because as the name suggests, you can also surf fantastic in Surfers Paradise. In general, the Gold Coast, next to Byron Bay, is a surfers paradise on the east coast of Australia.

Our personal opinion about Surfer Paradise is: You can do it, but you don't have to. For us personally there was a little too much going on in this city and we were looking in vain for real Australian flair. However, if you want to party, shop and surf, then you've come to the right place!

Parking spaces: a lot of them paid - an hour 4 dollars! But there is also free parking, for example along Hedges Avenue in the small side streets. Or you just drive down small side streets and look for a parking space without the ticket machine.



You should also make a detour or two in the area if you are already on the Gold Coast. We recommend the following two excursions or stops.

# 1: Springbrook National Park

Springbrook National Park lies in the hinterland of the Gold Coast. It is 35 kilometers from the center until you reach the first foothills of the beautiful nature reserve.

We particularly liked the gigantic Purlingbrook waterfall. But also the Natural Bridge and the beautiful viewpoints should not be missing. You can also go on a relatively large number of hikes within the park. For example the Purlingbrook Falls Circuit or the Twin Falls Circuit - both beautiful!


If you want to know more about the national park, then take a look at our detailed blog post about it: Springbrook National Park - all the highlights, tips and information for your trip


No.2: Mount Tamborine

As the third oldest national park in the world, it is not surprising that people travel from far and wide to experience the magic of the Tamborine Mountain to experience. Just over 40 minutes from the heart of the Gold Coast, there is a treasure trove of things to see, taste and treat natural beauties to discover.

With the perfect blend of the charm of the new and old world, there is no better way to escape the hustle and bustle, experience the infamous hinterland of the Gold Coast and breathe the fresh mountain air than one Day trip to Tamborine.

To get the best of everything on an easy one Hike to explore, you can do the Tamborine Rainforest Skywalk go along. The path, which is only 1.5 km long and takes about 45 minutes, takes you at a leisurely pace over bridges, including a 40 meter high cantilever, to the Viewing platform from Cedar Creek, which has expansive views of the coast, and along a winding path through the canopy floor.