Honor killings ever take place in Pakistan

Pakistan passes law against murder of women and girls

Islamabad - Pakistan has passed two laws to protect women from rape and murder of misunderstood honor. According to media reports on Thursday, parliament unanimously passed the long-controversial laws.

In particular, the revision of the law to punish men who kill women for allegedly "violating their honor" is a success. Conservative and religious circles had blocked it vehemently.

Controversial blood money

However, women's rights activists do not see all of their goals achieved. They had protested against the 2004 "honor killing law" for years. It contained a clause from Islamic Sharia law, the Dyiat, which means blood money. Accordingly, parents and brothers could forgive the perpetrator. Because such murders mostly take place within the family, the perpetrators were often forgiven. The state could no longer punish the murderers.

In the new version, relatives of the victim can still forgive the perpetrator - but only if the death penalty has been imposed on him. The perpetrator still has to serve a twelve and a half year prison sentence.

The number of such murders of women and girls is increasing. In 2010, the Human Rights Commission had recorded 791 cases, in 2014 there were 1,005. Most of them never come to light, according to experts. (APA, dpa, October 6, 2016)