Which mistakes can I avoid during my studies?

6 mistakes that you should absolutely avoid at the first party party

New to the university? Congratulations, then you're ready to go! Once you have checked the course of studies, looked through the online registration system from the last century and passed the first lecture, the next hurdle is already waiting for you: the first-year party! Sounds easy? In fact, a lot can go wrong at this event! To make your first party a success, you should avoid these mistakes.

Having expectations that are too high

Have all your fellow students from the higher semesters already told you how their first party was legendary? So that you are not disappointed, you should first lower your expectations a bit. Before the party gets going, maybe the one has to go first Professor go home and still a liter or two of beer flow.

Hang out with the wrong people

At the first party you often get to know exactly the people you are with the rest of your studies depend. In order to make the right friends, you shouldn't cling to the first group. Stay open and talk to as many people as possible!

Total crash

Do you want your first-year party to go down in the university's history books as legendary? Then it would be good if you could join in afterwards remember can. Therefore, be careful not to overdo it too much. Unless the embarrassing pictures on Facebook are enough for you later.

Social media faux pas

The funny picture that you on the toilet is the perfect new profile picture? You absolutely have to get a status update out about the fact that doctors are the hottest and that physicists stink? Leave it! The next morning I'm sure to spin many friend requests from new friends you met at the party. Better not be ashamed of anything.


Accidentally flirting with the prof

Nothing is more embarrassing than accidentally one Flirt on Prof and having to sit with him at the event the next day. Academic staff, lecturers and professors often hang around at university parties. Before the party, you should definitely take a look at the staff page on the university website so that you don't mess up. Otherwise the following applies: At People over 30 caution is advised first!

Flirt with the prof on purpose

Your prof is absolutely hot and you are drunk? Even if you are really that daring and want to hit your Prof - here is not the place for that! After all, you don't want the entire university to talk about your advances tomorrow, do you?

Party successfully mastered?

Did you survive the first party without you have to change university afterwards, the worst is behind you. From now on you are prepared for every student party and have hopefully found great people with whom you can celebrate again and again.

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