Which is the most powerful weapon in Fortnite

Fortnite: These are the 5 strongest weapons from Season 3 - according to DPS

There are many weapons to choose from in Fortnite. But when it comes to the amount of damage per second, 5 weapons clearly come out on top in Season 3. We'll show you which ones they are.

What is meant by DPS? DPS (Damage per Second) show how much damage a single weapon can do per second if you use it. That can turn a fast weapon that does less damage per shot into a deadly gun if used correctly.

The best weapons for quick kills

Which weapons do a lot of damage quickly? MeinMMO introduces you to the 5 most powerful weapons from Season 3 Chapter 2 when it comes to causing a lot of damage in as short a time as possible. Weapons that eliminate an enemy with just one head hit are excluded here.

We start with the “weakest” weapon in this category and then work our way up to the strongest DPS weapon.

5th place: The legendary pistol

At first glance, the pistol may not fit into this category at all, because unlike its comrades-in-arms, the weapon is not automatic and the player has to press the button again for each shot.

But if you have the fast tactics under control and pull the trigger quickly, you can 29 damage per shot dish up and so comes to a total 197.75 damage per second. This could almost eliminate an enemy with full health and shields in one second.

4th place: The Scar assault rifle

The Scar assault rifle should not be missing from any list, because it is not for nothing that it is one of the best weapons in Fortnite for players. Again, the Scar can convince with its DPS, even if it is not the strongest in this category.

The legendary version of the assault rifle is aimed 36 damage per shot at. So if you land every hit with her, you come up 198 damage per second. Again, you could kill an enemy with full health in almost a second.

3rd place: the tactical submachine gun (common)

This small, compact weapon is not only fast when it comes to direct attacks - its fast rate of fire allows players to penetrate boxes where opponents are hiding. To do this, you simply shoot wildly against the wall and push yourself against it until the opponent can no longer counter fast enough with built walls.

The submachine gun certainly ensures quick kills. She only does 17 damage per shot, but when all hits are on, you come up 204 damage per second. So you have an opponent with full health and shield in one second.

2nd place: Jules drum rifle

The drum rifle itself is a weapon that shoots extremely quickly, but this is also the mythical version in the game. Mythical weapons are not easy to get, because you can only find them in certain places and first have to kill a mini-boss.

For the 2nd place in this category the fight should be worth it. The weapon does only 24 damage per shot, but if you hit well, you get 204 damage per second. So you can easily eliminate any opponent in seconds.

1st place: The “Rapid Fire” SMG

Now we come to the most powerful weapon that convinces with its DPS. The fast submachine gun was introduced in Season 9, but back then it was still known as the Burst SMG. In Season 2 Chapter 2, the weapon came back redesigned and is now an automatic weapon.

This shift now makes them the most powerful weapon when it comes to eliminating opponents as quickly as possible. The submachine gun only does 15 damage per shot, but it does a whopping 255 damage per second. That takes care of every opponent, no matter how many health points and shields they have.

All of these 5 weapons make the race in the “damage per second” category and those who want to eliminate opponents quickly should always have one with them in their inventory. When it comes to which weapon is your favorite in general, you have a clear favorite that is suitable for both distance and close combat.


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