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A German hunter shot a particularly handsome elephant in Africa. Tourists kill thousands of endangered animals every year. The EU and the US allow trophies such as skins and teeth to be imported. Please call on President Juncker and President Obama to stop this so that this hunt is over.


To: EU Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker and US President Barack Obama

“Hunting tourists kill thousands of endangered animals in Africa. The US and EU allow trophies such as heads and skins to be imported. The trophy hunt must stop. "

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According to The Telegraph, the German hunter is said to have paid 53,000 euros for his trip to Zimbabwe, on which he wanted to shoot the "Big Five" - ​​lion, buffalo, leopard, rhinoceros, elephant. He did not notice that the elephant was a particularly stately animal.

Again and again, spectacular cases are known in which hunting tourists kill endangered animals. It was not until July that the death of the lion Cecil shook animal rights activists worldwide. An American dentist killed the animal particularly painfully with a bow and arrow. He also defended himself by saying that the hunt was legal.

Hunting tourism is flourishing in many African countries. The trigger-happy holidaymakers do not care that the number of elephants falls so sharply through poaching that the species could be exterminated in a few years. The lion population is estimated to be a maximum of 32,000 specimens. They are even bred specifically for hunters to shoot the animals.

The EU and US are fueling the hunt as trophies of many endangered and threatened species are allowed to be imported.

Please request from EU Commission President Juncker and US President Obama to ban the importation of trophies of all endangered species without exception. The trophy hunt must come to an end.


The hunt for the bull elephant is not an isolated incident. Between 2005 and 2015, hunters brought the trophies of hundreds of animals of endangered species to Germany. These included 417 leopards, 323 elephants, 195 lions, 24 white rhinos and 2 black rhinos.

The Federal Agency for Nature Conservation must approve every single import - and it almost always does. Of 1,614 applications in the past 10 years, the authority rejected only 5.

The organization Pro Wildlife received the data from the federal government.

Cover letter

To: EU Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker and US President Barack Obama

President Barack Obama,
Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker,

Every year hunting tourists in Africa kill thousands of endangered animals. Many bring the animals' heads, fur and teeth as trophies to the EU and the USA.

In July, the death of the famous lion Cecil in Zimbabwe shocked many people around the world: a trophy hunter from the USA shot the animal. Cecil is said to have been lured out of the Hwange National Park beforehand.

While the local helpers of the hunter were arrested, the American does not face any penalty because the importation of the lion trophy is allowed. The EU does not ban imports entirely either.

Because the lion population in Africa has collapsed to a maximum of 32,000 specimens, the International Union for Conservation of Nature IUCN has classified the species as endangered (vulnerable). In West Africa it is critically endangered.

The African elephants are not doing any better - their numbers are also endangered. Nevertheless, in early October one of Zimbabwe's most stately elephants was shot by a German trophy hunter.

It must not be that hunters from the USA and the EU kill animals such as lions and elephants because of the trophy. Please ensure that there is an absolute ban on the import of trophies from endangered species.

With best regards