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The new book and CD for the "50 years" anniversary of Stoakogler!

Actually, they wanted to celebrate the 50th anniversary very comfortably - but now there is a lot going on with the retired Stoakoglers:

Anniversary CD, Musi-Open-Air on July 14th in Bad Kleinkirchheim, sold out anniversary party in Gasen on July 22nd. and the hot off the press book "Ewig guat" - 50 legendary stories exclusively from the Stoakogler diary.

Since 1974 Hans has kept a diary meticulously and noted all sorts of things. From accidents involving the Stoanis to flooding in gases, from the Stadl premiere in Bärnbach in the 1980s to Stadl highlights in Toronto, Dubai or Melbourne. The same goes from meeting Madl Helene Fischer in Hartberg in 2007 to Hans Beierlein's million-dollar offer in 1996, numerous anecdotes with Karl Moik to his farewell year 2011 or the meeting with Arnie in Hollywood in 2010.

Not to forget the 5,000 live performances ...

"And Hans happily continues to write it down," laughs Fritz. After all, we now have a lot to do in the guesthouse: making hay, conical discs, watching grandchildren and of course playing here and there in the Stoanihaus for the numerous visitors. "

The book humorously invites you on a journey through five decades of Stoakogler - it's about the beautiful, sometimes exhausting time as a professional musician, the rough mountain farming life. Lots of happy memories with families and fans and, of course, also less wonderful experiences that life sometimes holds in store.

And even for Stoani fans there is still a lot new ...

Welcome to the Stoakogler homepage!

... suddenly you're 50!

Who would have thought on February 2, 1968, when the brothers Fritz, Hans and Reinhold Willingshofer from Gasen in Eastern Styria made their first appearance at a senior citizens' event, that they would still be so popular and popular as Stoakoglers 50 years later?

The hit “Steirermen san very good”, which has been sold over 2 million times on recordings, has long since made the sympathetic musicians a Styrian legend.

In addition to many gold and platinum records, they were awarded the Gold Medal of Honor of the State of Styria, as well as honorary citizenship and the Golden Ring of Honor from their home town of Gasen. The culmination of the many honors was probably the award of the Great Gold Medal of Honor of the Republic of Austria.

"We have moved out into the world with our music for over 43 years. And now you, dear friends, are coming to visit us in our homeland!

So the big Stoani fan family will be preserved!

Even if the 50th anniversary of the Stoakogler is extensively celebrated, there will certainly not be an active return to the show stage for the three brothers. As an exception, there were two official appearances in the anniversary year 2018:

at the July 14th, 2018 at the "Wenn die Musipiele" -Openair in
Bad Kleinkirchheim / St. Oswald
(Live on ORF)


at the anniversary VIP gala on July 22nd, 2018 in the home village of Gasen.

In this sense - nice that you are there and have funthe Stoani pages!

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