What name do you hate

Which name fits me?

The name test

There are some things that we just have no control over. For example on ours Names. In most cases this is what ours are looking for parents for us. But are we always satisfied with this selection? Certainly not. Because sometimes you have to ask yourself what our parents took when they decided on this or that name. The nice thing about our time, however, is that today we have the opportunity to change some things. Just like the name, for example. Have you ever asked yourself "Which name is right for me?" For example, because your parents gave you a stupid name or you just couldn't identify with it at all?

But the question "Which name suits me?" is not that easy to answer. Many are of the opinion that the name is always related to character traits and others say that the name should be related to appearance. Let's focus on that first Character traits. Which name fits me? Is a test that deals with exactly this topic.

For that you just have to 10 questions about your personality answer. In the end, we will present you with the perfect name. Whether you choose this in reality is of course up to you. In a detailed assessment you can read again exactly how we came to this result.

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